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According to DPA information, there is further cooperation between the association and the Finn, the contract negotiations were not yet completed. The DEB officially did not comment on Monday.

Most recently, the DEB had announced a decision by the end of last week. “We are in good talks. By the end of the week, we want to clarify,” said President Franz Reindl of the German Press Agency.

Fmr. international war crimes prosecutor: Vladimir Putin should be brought to justice

Over the past few months, a farewell Södelholms had expected the World Cup in this May in Helsinki and Tampere. European top clubs, including the Adler Mannheim, Söderholm should have committed financially lucrative contracts. The aim of the Finn is also the North American Profiliga NHL.

Söderholm was surprisingly successor to Marco Storm at the end of 2018, which after winning the Olympic Silver Medal in Pyeongchang, as co-coach to the Los Angeles Kings was switched to the NHL. Söderholm had previously trained the third division SC Riesersee. The national team succeeded under him finally the leap into the world’s top of the ice hockey. The balance sheet was clouded by the occurrence of the Olympic Winter Games. In February in Beijing, the DEP team missed the quarterfinals.

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