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U21 international Malik Tillman from FC Bayern Munich has issued a refusal by the US Association for the time being.
“It’s true that you have contacted me. But I’m not here at the U21. I feel good here and will continue to do that,” said the 19 year old attacker on Monday.
The Tillman born in Nuremberg is also entitled to play for the US through his father, as a 14-year-old, he already ran for the U15 selection of the US team.
Since then, however, he has passed through all U teams of the DFB, on Tuesday (17:00 o’clock / ProSieben Maxx) he meets with the U21 in the EM qualification on Israel.
Also DFB coach Antonio di Salvo goes off a whereabouts Tillmans.

O VEXAME do Bayern de Munique para o Villarreal na Champions League

“I had some talks with him. What he said is that he wants to play for Germany and identifies themselves with us. He wants to grasp in the club and the U21 foot, and that’s what counts,” Di Salvo
Said one week ago.

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