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Five young stars teams were in use at the weekend and drove strong four victories. The away game of the U16 at the TSV Marl-Hüls had been canceled at short notice. On the other games we look at our Provincial Report.

U19 with tailwind in the top game

The U19 continues to play a superior season in the A-Junior Bundesliga and won her away game at Wuppertal SV with 3: 0 at the weekend. Alwin Weber (24.) and Maxim Schröder (77. & 85.) met for the young stars. “It was certainly not a handsome game, but the guys have set themselves very well on the style of the opponent in difficult space and defended the many long balls and standards well. In the first half, we have failed with four good opportunities to ensure clear conditions earlier. In the second half we had to survive a short printing phase, in the end but is a deserved and safe victory, “says a satisfied coach Tobias Harink. With the next three points in the bag, the YoungSars are now allowed to look forward to a top game in the Prussia Stadium, which there was probably not yet. In the direct duel with Bayer Leverkusen, the young Šler can true the opportunity to enter the final round of the German Championship. But the young eagle would have to worry about the surprise and win against the favorite Bundesliga offspring. “The anticipation of the top game against Leverkusen is of course huge in the face of the current table situation,” says U19 coach Harink in front of the top game. Breaking the game is at 18 o’clock.

U17 is subject to Paderborn

After the U17 of the SC Prussia and the SC Paderborn opposite themselves in the cup during the week, there was now the direct reunion in the league. And after the young stars could prevail in the cup, the East Westphalia won the game clearly with 5: 1 this time. But that also has the background that the U17 lacked a whole series of players due to Corona infections – the coaching team included. Sören Weinfurtner, sporty head of youth, stood alternatively together with Janis Hohövel on the sideline. The result but does not change the fact that the young prussia two gaming days prior to goalkeeping continues on a strong sixth place in the B-Junior Bundesliga.

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Three YoungStars victories

Continue on course is the U15, which has retracted the sixth victory in the descent round of the Regionalliga in the eighth game. Against FC Hennef, the YoungStars won 3-1 and remain targetable. At the same time, the upholstery also grows further to the five descent ranks – a strong performance. An important step towards the title is also the U14, which could decide her top game against Eintracht Rheine in the national league with 3: 1 for itself. Thus, the lead is five gaming days before the end of the season at least six points great, but the competition would have to win all catch-up games. He is currently in second place and ranked three twelve counters. Also won against Eintracht Rheine has the U13, which could prevail in Rheine with 1: 0. The gameplay was actually even more clearly than the result can be guessed. “This was a good away game of us,” said the coach duo Stephan Edelhäuser and Patrick Steinberg.

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