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For coach Christian Streich vom SC Freiburg, with the apology from Bayern-coach Julian Nagelsmann, the theme around the Munich alternating error is done in the victory in Freiburg.

“I found it well from Julian, because with his statements he could obviously not assess the width of the topic, even with us in the club, and how complicated it was,” said prank before the Bundesliga match against Eintracht Frankfurt at the streaming service ” Dazn “. “That’s a very good gesture, I think, and that’s the topic done.”

After the Munich interchangeable error in the game against the Breisgauer a week ago, the Bayern coach had criticized on the Freiburgs club after this had appealed to the game classification after the 1: 4 defeat. The Freiburgs court of the German Football Confederation had dismissed the Freiburg Objection.

“I’m one who says his opinion. But I am also one who admits when he made a mistake. In the case I made a mistake. I have the great dimension of the right, Freiburg right, E.V.- Law did not have on the screen and also not understood. Since I am honest, “Nagelsmann had said the TV channel” Sky “on Saturday on the edge of the Bundesliga game against FC Augsburg and emphasized:” Sorry at Freiburg, sorry at Christian. “

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