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Earlier this month, Star Citizen has reached a new participatory milestone of $ 230 million, and to celebrate the holiday season and give fans a little something in exchange for all their support, Cloud Imperium Games published A superb new trailer. This trailer highlights the ambitious Squadron campaign 42.

Yes, it seems that Cloud Imperium Games has offered to its fans the perfect Christmas present this year. Although it has been delayed several times, it is now planned, rather temporarily, for a beta version in the third quarter 2020. And in case someone doubts that this could be a reasonable beta release date, Cloud Imperium abandoned An epic visual trailer for solo mode. Country campaign Citizen. We already know that the Squadron 42 campaign will be dotted with stars, with appearances of a group of actors, including Gary Oldman as Amiral Ernst Bishop, Mark Hamill as Capital Captain Steve Colton, Mark Strong as Captain Thomas Wade and Liam Cunningham as Captain Noah White. Now, however, we know it will also be absolutely amazing. You can consult the new visual trailer below.

And if you do not know what you expect from the story of Squadron 42, you can view the description on the official game of the game here. _ “Embark on a solo cinematographic adventure as a combat pilot of the Navy in the Star Citizen world. Get to know your teammates aboard a living capital vessel while deciding how to overcome harsh missions and deadly enemies. In 2945, the brave men and women of the Empire-UNI Earth’s Navy are fighting tirelessly to protect humanity. While dangerous extraterrestrials like vanduul are a constant threat along the borders of the Empire, the off-law and the bandits often prove to be equally dangerous near them. These immense space spaces closely monitor the stellar systems of humanity, ready to launch fatal fighters’ squadrons in the event of a threat. You are one of these brave men and women. You will serve alongside a dynamic team, each with personalities and scenarios that are clean, while a dynamic conversation and reputation system allows you to define your character through your actions and interactions to create an experience that You are clean. “_

Star Citizen - The First Steps Into The Stars - UEE History

What do you think of this brand new visual trailer? Are you excited for Star Citizen? Tell us about your reflections in the comments below and do not forget to lock it for updates!

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