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The Augsburger Manager Stefan Reuter has expressly praised Matthias Jölenbeck for its self-criticism after the controversial penalty whistle.
“I always find it great when a referee makes,” Reuter said after 2-1 (1: 0) of FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga on Wednesday evening against FSV Mainz 05. This will take a referee “a lot of pressure” out
After a contact between the Mainzer Torwart Robin Zentner and the Augsburg striker Florian Lechtechner, Jöllenbeck had decided on penalty.

Stefan Reuter erklärt Augsburger Wunder | DOPPELPASS
Later he acknowledged that clearly as a mistake.

“For me, this is too much self-criticism of his side,” said Reuter.
“It is considerable if he goes after the game, but it was extremely difficult to decide.”

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