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At Eintracht Frankfurt, the euphoria knows no limits against “the centuries” against FC Barcelona. The unusable belief in the sensation should inspire the “Euro-Adler”.

250,000 ticket inquiries, more than a dozen cameras during the final training – and equal-length luminous luminous eyes: the “century game” electrifies completely Frankfurt. However, the quarter-final duel should not become the FC Barcelona with the FC Barcelona, the “Euro-Adler” dream of the greatest possible sensation in your favorite competition.

“We played against Bayern 2: 1 and 0: 1 this season, in a K.O.-game we would be so in the extension. He who creates this against Bavaria can also create it against Barcelona,” leaving coach Oliver Glasner.

His team will also play against the “big FC Barcelona” on victory, he led: “If I games with my daughter ‘four’ games, I want to win too. Then maybe I’m a bad father, but we are successful.”

You will “celebrate the festivals, as they fall,” CEO Axel Hellmann announced already optimistic: “It’s the greatest possible mating that could have existed – a century game”.

Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Barcelona 07.04.2022

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In front of 48,500 euphorized spectators, Eintrakt Frankfurt wants to lay the foundation for the second semi-final movement after 2019 on Thursday (21.00 o’clock / RTL). The Barca Returned under club icon Xavi again “a tick more shine out” than all the then opponents, Sebastian Rode said the kicker: “This will be one of my highlights in my career.” He expects “a magical night”.

Even Glasner could not hide his anticipation. It’s about taking the euphoria and enthusiasm from the outside, “but that’s not wild,” said the Austrian: “We hope that it is not over now.” For this he expect a completely different appearance than the disappointing 0: 0 against Bundesliga final light SPVGG Greuther Fürth.

“We will not stick Barcelona 90 minutes, you have a very, very good balance, a lot of possession of possession and are strong in the oppressive. We have to be very disciplined,” said Glasner the “Eintrakt Frankfurt Image”: “But it will always be spaces arise. I think that we can earn some clear scoring chances, we have to be effective. “

Statistics as Eintracht-Gutmacher

The outsider role of harmony “quite good”, stressed Rode: “We have nothing to lose.” There must be “of course a lot together, so that we become uncomfortable for Barcelona. But we also have our strengths and weapons.”

The names National Teakeepers Marc-André Ter Stegen. “Basically, we know that they are physically stronger than we, that’s just like that. I think that’s one of the physically strongest teams in the Bundesliga,” said the Barca final man in the “RTL / NTV” interview.

Some statistics also serve the Launische Diva from Main as a courier. Never before lost the Hesse in its own stadium against a Spanish team, there were twelve victories and four draws in Europapokalheim games from the quarterfinals so far – no single bankruptcy.

“Whoever continues against the fifth from Spain,” who can also create that against the second from Spain, Glasner said something provocative. The next euro miracle will not fail to faith and lack of confidence.

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