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FOCUS Entertainment announces a partnership with Rundisc to publish the next game of the studio: Chants of Sennaar. In this narrative adventure, the player explores a fascinating universe with an impressive type of art, while mysterious links between the figures in a tower are becoming more and more shape.

“Actually, we only searched for a marketing partner, but with Focus we have much more than just found: an enthusiastic team that fits perfectly with his passion and diverse talents,” says Julien Moya, President and Artistic Director of Rundisc. “Your support and your way advice in the design and production were already a great help for us and have lifted the project on a level that we could not have imagined. For a small team like us, such a strong background structure is a real blessing. That’s why we are particularly happy about cooperation. ”
“Learning to understand each other: this is a challenge that now balances a little today,” says Yves Le Yaouanq, Chief Content Officer of Focus Entertainment. “In this game, the architecture feeds the level design, spoke to puzzles that need to be discovered. It is the tower to Babel, reinterpreted, to penetrate, explore and decrypt into the player. Due to the unique visual orientation, the Rundisc team demonstrates that it has not only a sense of Game Design, but also for a universal form of communication. Something that we want to support you and want to help you achieve a new level! “

In the game, you explore a beautiful world whose story is based on the Mythic Babel, in the old ones were the castle and the keys at the same time. Suitable there is a first revelation trailer:

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