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Luka Doncic has at the edge victory of the Dallas Mavericks against the Portland Trail Blazer’s 16th Technical Foul of the season conceded and will thereby miss the last game of the regular season.

“I just asked how this can not be a foul. I got a technical foul,” Doncic complained at the subsequent press conference on the last scene of the first quarter on Friday in Dallas. When he went to a buzzerbeater, contact with Portlands Elijah Hughes, who did not derive from the referees.

“If you ask me, it should be taken back to a hundred percent because it was not a tech. There was no warning, nothing. I have only asked,” said Doncic. CrewChief Tony Brothers, who had pronounced the technical foul, said another view of the situation after the game. “He started to complain with each of the officials,” Brothers said, “When I went to the mutual table, he still complained. So he got a tech for permanent complaining.”

The Dallas Mavericks stand with a balance sheet of 51 wins and 30 defeats on the fourth place of Western Conference, half a game behind the Golden State Warriors. The last game of MAVs in the current Regular Season is on Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs (34-46). Movs-Coach Jason Kidd played the situation down: “If Luka can play on Sunday, he will play. If he can not focus on the playoffs with a fresh start. It’s not a big deal.”

Luka Doncic receives his 16th technical-foul of the season for this ????

One or the other fan of Mavericks will probably remember a promise of doncics that the superstar had pronounced at the end of February. “It will not come that far, that’s safe,” Doncic replied then in conversation with Malika Andrews (espn) as they turned him to his then 13 Technical Fouls. “That’s unacceptable, I can not do that,” said Doncic at that time.

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