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When Alexandra Popp was performed on its first medical test in the lack of muscle mass on the operated leg in the absence of muscle mass, since it has first “pulled away the ground under the feet”.

When another intervention on the knee was due at the end of January, “I had no more patience. It was a bit over with me.” But this time, the captain of the German footballer fought himself. Before the World Cup qualifier against Portugal on April 9th (16:10 clock) in Bielefeld, Popp is back in the squad of national trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg – and has great goals for the European Championship year.

“Poppi” was never completely gone

“Now in the end, I’m glad and proud that I’ve done it to come back to the place just after such an injury,” says the Olympic winner of 2016. Because of a cartilage break on the kneecke, Popp has been a game for a game of a cartilage. The DFB selection denied. For the currently successful VfL Wolfsburg, the 111-colored Nationalstürmerin now stood in the square – and last at the 6-0 success in the Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern even a goal.

When returning to the district of the national team, there was also something to celebrate: Popp was 31 years old on April 6th and cut a chocolate totor in the crew. For Voss-Tecklenburg, “Poppi” was how they all call, “never completely away” and sometimes at the sessions of the player’s girl. “There is no question that it is totally important outside the playing field, within just as” says the national trainer.

The European Championship in July in England as “big whole” motivated Popp during their long rehab time. It would be surprisingly her first EM: Before the 2013 tournament in Sweden, she ripped an outer tape and a capsule, before the EM in the Netherlands 2017 of the exterior maniscus.

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“The goal is to become European champion”

“My goal is to become European champion,” says the versatile Popp without re-encryption. If you would also get the games and the record European champion (eight title) the trophy, “then that would be the nonplusultra”. Your teammate Svenja Huth says, “Poppi already has some tournaments and years in the bones and can provide stability with their experiences.”

Theoretically, the six-time German master could even get four titles this summer. “It’s all everything, as she says grinning. In the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg is clearly before FC Bayern, in the DFB Cup semi-final, the VfF enters in Munich and in the Champions League fights her team against – but favored – FC Barcelona for the entry into the final.

“I know that Poppi wants to be one of the constant persons at this tournament,” says Voss-Tecklenburg to the European Championship. “I believe that she is mature in dealing with difficult situations. She also knows: you do not get younger, you have to invest a lot, a lot.”

The player himself explains: “I’m not at 100 percent yet, but that’s completely normal and clear.” A certain lifness is still missing. “We’re extremely glad that Alex is back because she is a mentality player that every team does extremely well,” she says Wolfsburg Trainer Tommy Stroot. “But we still have to households with their forces.”

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