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The Hertha fans in the power struggle between Club President Werner counterbauer and millions-investor Lars Windhorst with a huge poster position.

“Windhorst and counterbauer out,” said at the Berlin Bundesliga derby against the 1st FC Union on Saturday on Saturday at the upper rank of the Olympic Stadium Olympic Stadium.

Machen die Windhorst-Millionen Hertha BSC wieder stark? | SPORTreportage - ZDF

Between the club boss and the finder a long smoldering dispute had recently broken out. Windhorst demanded the detachment of Windhorsts at the general meeting planned for May. In view of the lack of power struggleing success, the financial investor complains a waste of the approximately 375 million euros provided by him since 2019.

For the first time, the Olympic Stadium was sold out for the first time since January 2020 and the following beginning of the Corona pandemic with 74,667 spectators. Both rival farm camps made in the huge arena for a sparkling atmosphere. Shortly after the kick-off, however, several bangulbs were ignited in the Hertha block.

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