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One of the most popular games at the moment is the Tactical SHooter of Riot Games, Valorant has become popular in both large regions and Latam due to the achievements that have had teams such as Kru Esports, seeking to expand to another markets and as already mentioned In the past, it would be reaching mobile devices in the coming months.

Through your Twitter account, the Dannyintel user has shown some leaks of this project, taking a look at the menus and the selection of agents, as well as some game scenes where we can see jett and a * SovA *

As we can see in the images, it is sought to keep in a faithful way to the computer version, with 5 players on each side, buttons adapted to the touch screen where we can appreciate the store and skills of the agents, we can also See crouching or slow walking that are essential to achieve the Spike’s planted inside the site.

So far there is no information about a possible date for beta where world players can enjoy this experience from their mobile device, the game may have some variations but there is nothing confirmed yet. No something related to crossplay ** is not yet mentioned but they have not denied the possibility that it exists in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the creative company of the popular Moba League of Legends managed to capture very similarly the essence of managing our favorite champions in his mobile version Wild Rift, so much, that changes to champions as karma have repercussions Within the PC version leaving open the chances that in the future we also see some adaptation of gameplay for both platforms at valorant.

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We hope to have more information in the coming days about this game, because many fanatics suffer from some problems to be able to enjoy the game in the best possible way and thanks to mobile technologies that approach is given to this type of players

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