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[Data provided: Smile Gate]

** \ – Virtual Artist Han Ah, a sound source for a charming voice that has not been in the world, “I like that”,

YG Entertainment's First Virtual K-pop Idol - HAN YUA
** \ – Subjugated by K-POP on the world stage such as Park Woo-chan producer.

Smile Gate and VFX Professional Business Professional Giant Steps Han Yu, who jointly co-produced, had a photo of her new song ‘I like’ concept photo of her new song ‘I Like That’ concept photo. Han Yo, an attractive voice, which was not in the world, and her activity is an infant in her activities to her activities.

The new song of her toddler to be released soon is the leading music of the leading Missian Sound Sound, which is elegant and intense melody stands out. Especially, this sonic is fun to have a daily life in the district and a new day. I put the mysterious emotion of the girl. Sound source ‘I Like That’ will be announced on the 12th at 6 pm on a variety of sound source sites.

The sound source has collaborated with Smile Gate and CJ ENM, and the creative team, which has become a worldwide K-POP’s phase, has joined the completeness of the song. Mahmimi’s’ HIP ‘,’ You, ‘,’ Mary ‘,’ Mary ‘, “Mary”, “Mary”, “Stupid”, “Snapping’,” Mrs. Mister Shine, and , Park Woo-Sang producer who composed a number of drama OST participated and received attention.

The Smile Gate IP Businessman Baek Min-jung said, “I have made a lot of effort with the best creative team until I introduce the first Creative team, and I finally decided to make a deletion, and I was finally made a fruit.” I hope that the songs of these can be pleasing to many. She asked her to be a lot of attention to the infant who will spread various activities as her virtual artist in the future. “

Meanwhile, Han Yoo, who has made a contract with YG K-Plus in February, is a singer as a singer as a singer, and we plan to show a variety of areas, including other broadcasts, you tube, performances, and advertisements.

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