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The Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) decided on Thursday the expected reform of the Financial Fair Play (FFP). The frequently criticized and often insufficiently implemented FFP will be replaced from June by the succession of the “Financial Sustainability” (financial sustainability).

Accordingly, clubs will not spend more than 70 percent of their revenue for transfers, salaries and consulting agencies. However, there will not be a salary upper limit required by many sides.

“The football industry has changed. The reform was necessary,” said UEFA President Aleksander Cefer: “The new rules help us protect the game.”

The guidelines co-developed by the European Club Association ECA should be introduced in a continuous process for three years. Violations of the rules can go from fines to point trays. The documented possible forced departure, for example from the champions to the Europa League, has not yet been decided.

A difference between revenue and expenditure is intended to compensate for an external lender in the future at a height of up to 60 million euros over a period of three years. So far, it is 30 million euros over three years. The unlimited inflow of investors feared by German clubs should not exist.

“The new rules should ensure that expenses are better to control, while investments are promoted,” the ECA chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi had been saying, “The new rules must be simple, fair, transparent and enforceable.”

In the past, the FFP proved to be vulnerable because the rules could be bypassed. Serious penalties rarely existed in violations. Board Boss Oliver Kahn from the German record champion Bayern München talked about the new guidelines of “a milestone”. He hopes that a “light brake in the salaries and transfer sums” comes in.

“In this process, many different interests had to be taken into account. It was important to us that there is no freelance ticks for dubious business,” Fernando Carro, chairman of the management of Bayer Leverkusen, had said to SID request: “Missing against the background And we can live as a Bundesliga with the compromise achieved. “

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UEFA's new financial sustainability regulations explained


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