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Since the February 2016 release of the Large Hit “Stardew Valley”, which can be said to be Indie’s “Stard Valley”, it is the destiny compared to the same work, but the parent of the “Stardew Valley” The next work “ HAUNTED Chocolatier ” that Eric Barone develops does not escape from this destiny.

Chocolate shop LifeSim “HAUNTED Chocolatier”, officially announced in October 2021, is a management shimmical work that collects materials and making chocolate and managing chocolate shops, is published The trailer also contains a part similar to music and atmosphere to “Stardew Valley”.

“Haunted Chocolatier” is developed and “Stardew Valley” is too similar to “Stardew Valley”, but “recently it feels good. That’s right, but this is my job. “And Barone says.

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Of course, in this work, we implement new elements that are not in the previous work, such as implementing “shields” and other off hands in the battle area, preventing attacks, and their enemies are stunned. He said, despite the development of “HAUNTED Chocolatier”, despite the development, he said, “Maybe to break yourself” “I will not go down now. If you do not complete this game” And, I am showing the enthusiasm to make this work.

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