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A Youtuber thinks that sky edge would look much more beautiful in yellow. That’s why he flooded The Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim just with cheese wheels. The result is the pure chaos in which NPCs go down in cheese flood.

Skyrim needs much more cheese

The Youtuber Doug Doug claims himself that he triggers problems that no one has **. In his latest video, this will be clear immediately. He tries to cover the world of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim completely with cheese.

You have heard correctly. In every second, in which Doug Doug moves through the sky edge appear ten loaf cheese behind him . However, the project is not crazy enough. The video is also a (fairly premature) Christmas story, in which Santa Claus has to get his clothes back.

The quests of the game are not facilitated by the additional cheese. Small houses are only flooded and the Jarl of Zurzauf is hardly understood sometime. Due to the crazy physics of Skyrim, the wandering Laibe even hurt him.

Cheese makes Skyrim heavier and lighter

Skyrim, but 10 cheese wheels spawn every second.

In one case, however, the avalanche from cheese helps him. After being thrown into the dungeon, he glides with the help of the Laibe through the grid into freedom. “Doug Doug” also uses some mods that make it a Christmas “Ho Ho Ho” as a dragon scream.

The video finally ends with solemn sounds. The Youtuber swings his Flying reindeer and leaves several kilos of cheese at the second. Merry Christmas.

Do you create the ultimate quiz?

A Youtuber makes it the task of covering every stain in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim with cheese. The result is cheese floods, cover the NPCs in their houses and also Jarle pour.

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