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Oliver Kahn has spoken out against the 50 + 1 rule. In addition, the CEO of FC Bayern Munich expressed itself to the entry of investors and the competitiveness of the Bundesliga compared to other top leagues.

“Bayern would not benefit from an abolition because we have even stated 70 + 1 in our statutes. Nevertheless, it is our attitude that you should leave it to the clubs yourself whether and how far you want to open for an investor”, Kahn said in the interview with the Sport picture.

In cooperation with other major clubs from the Club Association ECA, he noticed that the rule internationally rather on incomprehension. “It’s not that someone comes and says, ‘Oh, that’s a great thing,” he explained.

Kahn had recently complained in the foreign marketing of the Bundesliga compared to the English Premier League. “Investing money in soccer is basically nothing wrong. Many clubs, not only in England, are now successfully conducted by investors,” the 52-year-old added.

In Germany, the topic is negatively occupied by the past events in the commitment of Lars Windhorst at Hertha BSC.

“We should not constantly operate eye wipes. Many other clubs in the Bundesliga have successfully integrated for long investors,” Kahn clearly wanted to judge the situation in Berlin. With Adidas, Allianz and Audi Bayern already has three major corporations, “with which we work together for years”.

Kahn over CL reform: “About it is argued”

Besides, Kahn expressed the reform of the Champions League from the season 2024/25. Then, among other things, it should be occasionally possible to qualify by wild card control. “You can certainly argue about it,” he said, pushing me, “Allow me a counter question: If a club in the Premier League or Bundesliga becomes fifth, but before the Champions League has been won twice, but he would not have it, but would not have it Play in the Europa League. He can start the best coefficient now in the Champions League. Is that unfair? “

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Accordingly, it was not a real wild card, “as a performance criterion is based on the five-year rating.” In the Premier League, it had happened more often in the past that clubs like Manchester United or FC Arsenal could not qualify about the national championship for the royal class. The Bavaria most recently missed the 2006/07 season after only fourth.

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