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So much of this betrayed: From a class difference, nothing was seen on Wednesday evening when the SC Prussia challenged the third division lost in the Westphalian Cup semi-finals and looked even clearly as well as deserved at the end of a bear strong idea of 3-0. The 2,326 spectators – you can see from a few scattered East Westphalia – you should not have regretted your visit in any time-catching game.

Compared to the 3-0 success against the Bonn SC A few days ago Prussian coach Sascha Hildmann only turned to two positions, Teklab and Ghindovean tented a break. For this, Lattlitz and Schwadorf returned to the rigid. Otherwise, he once again trusted the proven 4-3-3 with KOK on the six-time position instead of the still of Corona-ill.

Time for warming the eagle carriers did not need to be on Wednesday evening, with the first attack in the lead (2.). Schauers served on the right long slot. The number 23 danced, one, two opponents and found in the middle then Bindemann, who completed dry into the long corner. Strong! Only five minutes later the next huge chance, when KOK only met the external network.

The sports club from Münster continued the more conspicuous scenes, even if the third division came to the game after a quarter of an hour. Always worse and influenced by the persistent rain, however, with increasing playing time, the runner that was still presented in a decent condition during the day. Since the actors often fell hard to keep the ground liability on the Seigem substrate.

Less on the square than at the target accuracy it was that Langlitz missed the 2-0 hair-sharp, or did not get the feet on the sharp ball after half an hour. Shortly before the break Schwadorf headed the outside net – there she was again, the opportunity utilization, in the effort and yield somehow did not want to match. But then the 39th minute in which it fit when Remberg concluded the long ball of Keeper Schulze Niehues, went through and sinked – 2: 0. Shortly before the break, ex-Prussia Aaron Berzel had to be prematurely from the field, looked after a foul game the yellow-red card.

From the break, the Münsteraner first came with a change, Ghindovean came for Schwadorf. Non-scheduled two pointer revolutions later Deters had to be injury due to injury, replaced Teklab. After a Hemmerich corner, the Verler behind team then lost the overview: SCV-Keeper Thiede still dared daredly in the conclusion of Langlitz, but could not prevent the impact – 3: 0 (51.). Remberg and Hemmerich had other possibilities, while the guests did not find a resource against the well-staggered households.

And so on 21 May in the final against the SV Rödinghausen, which could decide his semi-final against RW Ahlen simultaneously with 2: 1 for themselves.

Data for the game

Installation SCP: Schulze Niehues – Schauers, Scherder, Hoffmeier, Hemmerich – Remberg, Kok, Schwadorf (Ghindovean, 46th) – Latlitz (Thiel, 75.), Bindemann (Wegkamp, 61.), Deters (Deters, 48.)

Installation SCV: Thiede – Ochojski, Pernot, Berzel Schickowski (Ezekewem, 46th) – Rabihic, Sapina (Mirchev, 56.), Corboz – Berlinski (Akono, 67.), Koruk, Grodowski (Petkov, 46. )

Goals : 1: 0 Bindemann (2.) 2: 0 Remberg (39.) 3: 0 Langlitz (51.)

Yellow Cards: Bindemann, Schwadorf, Teklab / Pernot, Mirchev

Winning Eleven 3 Final Version (English) - ⚽️???? FC Divo Stars Vs Golden Romania Stars ????⚽️
Yellow-red card: Berzel (44.)

Referee : Leonidas Exucidis

Spectators : 2,326

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