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An alternating error overshadows the clear 4: 1 victory of Bayern at the SC Freiburg, in the top game on Saturday evening there was a Dergschatsche for the BVB against RB Leipzig. On Sunday, the VfL Wolfsburg came under the wheels. The votes for the 28th matchday of the Football Bundesliga:

Borussia Mönchengladbach – FSV Mainz 05 1: 1 (1: 0)

Adi Hütter (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach): “That was a game with two completely different half times. Yann Sommer has held the point with its extraordinary parades the point. In the first half we have dominated – a pity that we did not with 2: 0 go to the break. Then we stayed quietly with possession. In the end it is a just draw. “

Bo Svensson (Trainer FSV Mainz 05): “That was a game with two very different half times. Gladbach was clear in the first clear, we were there too passive and dirty. In the second we were the clearly better team and Have earned the compensation made. “

FC Augsburg – VFL Wolfsburg 3: 0 (1: 0)

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “A deserved victory, we have implemented much of what we have d1. We are currently above the stroke, I see a constellation in which we are in your own hand have. With the fans in the back, the guys simply play better and freed, that’s a huge factor for us. “

Jörg Schmadtke (Managing Director team VfL Wolfsburg): “We did not start well into the game, of course we presented ourselves differently. We were inferior in both criminal rooms and take a few findings that are not good. The victory For Augsburg deserves alright. We must understand that we have to defend ourselves in the relegation battle more and, above all, communicatively better to be communicatively better. But we have traveled without chief coach, which also makes something with the team. “

Borussia Dortmund – RB Leipzig 1: 4 (0: 2)

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): “That was difficult. 1: 4, four goals. We have come up well in the game, but what probably did the difference today was the consequence: in defending – and in the Attack. We were not uncompromisingly enough and have given Leipzig again and again. “

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig): “We have done it quite well and played disciplined. In the second half we can even make more goals when we better play out our counterattacks. But: All right. In total have We made it well. Konrad Laimer was very strong, he did very well. “

SC Freiburg – FC Bayern 1: 4 (0: 0)

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)

… to the changeover of his team: “It was also a little confused for the fourth official, as Tolisso is ran into the cabin. Then the wrong number of Coman was displayed and it was a mess. It happened mistakes, from the point of view of both teams And the fair team was nothing about what speaks against a fair game. “

… to the game: “Overall, it was a good game, which is not so easy in front of a Champions League game. I told the guys at the hotel that on the way to the titles we can and we want, Every minute counts. They used every minute and I was satisfied. “

Manuel Neuer (Captain & Torwart FC Bayern Munich) to ask if he feared consequences after the alternating error: “I have no big concerns. In the 20 seconds, not much happened, so I assume that everything Count. “

Jochen Saier (Executive Board team Sc Freiburg) to the change error of Bayern: “We made the referee attracting the fact that Bayern had elf field players on the square. The period was not for so long, then Coman went from the field. Whimsic Overall, however, it was a bitter afternoon. We were good in the game, then get back in arrears and lose in the end too high. “

… to question whether the change error would still have consequences: “I can not judge that. The referee has evaluated it for a long time and then let it go on. We must all – as it was very emotionally on the benches – Coil and think about it. “

Nico Schlotterbeck (SC Freiburg) to the intervention error of FC Bayern: “I have counted the Bayern players and given the referee. If I do not do that, it probably not falls up. It was twelve man, what that was I do not know. “

Christian Dingert (referee) to the interchangeable error of Bayern: “It was a totally confused situation, as a wrong number was displayed in the double change of Bayern. Therefore, Coman has not felt addressed. In the clarification of the situation has the fourth Official overlooked that the player has left the field. Therefore, a twelfth player was briefly on the field, which may not be. We have noticed the right and interrupted the game. Then it took the situation as we also with the situation Had to vote. Accordingly, it was followed with a referee ball. For us it is annoying, since this scene is the focus, although we have seen a great football match. We note this in the game report, everything else will decide the DFB. “

Bayer Leverkusen – Hertha BSC 2: 1 (2: 1)

Gerardo Seoane (coach Bayer Leverkusen): “Compliment to the team for the overall performance. It was not easy. We had many games, some good situations created. It was missing a bit of determination. Compliment but how the team says, It is an important victory. “

Felix Magath (Trainer Hertha BSC)…

… to the game: “We played at the bottom of the table – of course you make courage before the game. It was clear that Leverkusen was the better team, yet we had our chances and also the opportunity to achieve a second goal.”

… to the way of playing his team: “We offered too little fight in the first half and thus play the Leverkusener. Therefore, they had a superweight and were the better team. In the second half, we have held better and causes them more difficulties, So we could make the game open. “

… about the combative use of his team: “If you are in the table below, you are not playfully so good. Therefore, you have to fight more – Anders you will not get out.”

Lukas Hradecky (Captain & Torwart Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: “It was nice to see the standing places again. We did not have the game completely under control, the goal gentle came to an unfortunate time. The Hertha with Felix Magath is difficult to play, you bite for the coach. I wish you all the best. “

Vladimir Darida (scorer Hertha BSC): “He can appreciate what we do in training. The training is harder than before.”

Marcel Lotka (Hertha BSC)…

… about the new Hertha coach Magath: “It’s something very special for a young player. You can still remember the championship from daylies, as he has brought the championship with Wolfsburg. Now to have him as a coach, is beautiful. You learn a lot of it. He has a great authority, you realize when he is in the room. “

… to question whether the Hertha grabs the class content: “In any case.”

Eintracht Frankfurt – SPVGG Greuther Fürth 0: 0 (0: 0)

OLIVER GLASNER (Coach Eintracht Frankfurt): “It was a big question mark, whether the players are still in the matter or with the thoughts in the game on Thursday. They have impressively proven that they have accepted this lot. It is not a great realization that we are doing hard against such opponents. We have to accept the 0: 0 so. But that does not throw us completely out of the train. “

Stefan Leitl (coach Spvgg Greuther Fürth)…

… to the game: “On the one hand, I have to congratulate the guys to the performance over the entire season. On the other hand, the injury of Marco Meyerhöfer expresses the mood.”


… to question whether he already knew more injury by Meyerhöfer: “No, but the best recovery wishes at Marco.”

1899 Hoffenheim – VFL Bochum 1: 2 (0: 1)

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach 1899 Hoffenheim): “We did not get really well into the game. It is always difficult against Bochum. Under the stroke we lost against a ripped off and good Bochum team.”

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): “We are of course satisfied and overjoyed. We were very good in the game right from the start. We got a big piece closer to our destination.”

Maxim Leitsch (VfL Bochum) About Double Packer Asano: “He is a fine guy, a very quiet and great for every1. That’s why it is all the more pleased that he has achieved a double pack. He has many qualities, is fast And agile. If he brings his qualities to the square, he is hard to hold. “

Takuma Asano (double torcher VfL Bochum) About his doors: “I always do my best. In the game was also luck with it, I just have to go on and bring everything to the lawn.”

Arminia Bielefeld – VfB Stuttgart 1: 1 (0: 1)

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “We have started well, played neatly and had a clear structure. With the trademeter we got a bit out of the kick. That the team has then needed a bit, is understandable. What she has invested in, that’s what the fans expect. We know that we have to work out every point hard and value the result in this situation. “

Florian Krüger (scorer Arminia Bielefeld): “Stuttgart had enough opportunities to win the game. However, both teams can live with the point. It leaves everything open below.”

Pellegrino Matarazzo (Trainer VFB Stuttgart): “I hope it’s not as bad at Fabian Klos looked as it looked on TV. If you see the gameplay, it’s two points for us. We are not with us The structure of Bielefeld cleared. Even after the 1: 1 we regularly had chances to take the lead again. We take the point and performance over 70 minutes. “

Sven Mislinat (teams director VFB Stuttgart): “We are satisfied with the performance over the gameplay. However, we would have earned three points clearly. Away against Bielefeld we have to take the 1: 1, however, as it is. Now it’s about that the Fabi goes as well as he can only go. “

Union Berlin – 1. FC Cologne 1: 0 (0: 0)

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): “It was an intense game with two teams who really have everything pure and come about the mentality. This a mistake has made a lot of Cologne too much. Our goal was at least 40 points. We were at least 40 points. We were at least 40 points Now are 41 points, it’s a happy evening. “

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): “We lost 0: 1 by a mistake that can happen. Otherwise, I have not seen anything that I can say that it would have earned one or the other. We could not prevail on the front. Whether deserves or undeserved – I do not lead this discussion anymore. Football is decided by mistake, and we have to live today. “

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