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‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dungeon Mobile)’ is a game that collects very high interests before release from the time of release. Domestic, of course, as well as one of the best in China. The highest completeness that was identified after several tests and launches immediately, and the prediction that it would be perfectly suited to this expectation, and it would be the best in terms of sales.

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However, in the industry, Dunpa Mobile did not expect to achieve the first place of Google’s sales. Although it is popular in the IP itself, it is also popular in the game, it was because the official itself is quite different from the existing top sales games. It is not necessary to support auto play that can not be required to have a heavy bill, which is not required to have heavy bills over a million won. Commonly speaking ‘box office officials’.

However, Dunpa Mobile was ranked first in Google’s sales from the last day to 3 days. It was clear that it was the first place to go beyond MMORPG beyond the best top of Google’s total of Google sales that was convenient to convenient to concrete during the weekend. The first place of Gunpa Mobile’s Google’s sales, it is proving that it can be normal as the ‘heavy bills’ and ‘Authoremia’, which I talked about.

In detail, Dunpa Mobile BM is very soft. Avatar synthetic package, such as Gacha’s paid BM is not, but it is not an essential part to become strong as other games. Currently, Dunpa Mobile is about 50,000 yuan, which divides the emergence of the emergency, and it is solved somewhat less than 30,000 won, even if he tries to open the rare avatar or sealed lock. Even if the gap between the billing user and the non-compliant user is not compared to the competition, the “Ranking = Competition” formula does not establish. Unlike a conventional competitive competition, which is a fennel competing that a person who is billion won in a thousands of millions of won, it means that the number of payments has been ranked as a much lower amount of payment.

Manual manipulation, which has a taste of hand, is also a part that is not common in the mobile game system. Many games have begun to acknowledge that “Auto Hunting is now an essential element, not a choice, not a choice, which is not a choice, but Dunpa Mobile bleeding this. Instead, the opposite approach. If you have a long time in your smartphone, you are tired of your time. It was a choice that could have missed two rabbits of mobile and pc, but it is a great synergy to complement this with a highest perfect game and a PC version.

In the end, Dunpa Mobile’s box office simply leaves the performance of a game, and presented new possibilities in the domestic mobile game industry. Even if it is not a P2W billing model, it was not based on the game performance that is not a criticized game property, even if it is not a batch model. In the past, the country of wind and Lineage opened the PC online panoramic, and the Player New Battle Ground will leave the steam of the domestic game.

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