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Next weekend, the 3rd league starts their final spurt after the international space – without a turkey card. The Munich have known to be withdrawn from the game operation. The tabular episode is clarified by the paragraph 55a of the category, as the DFB illustrates on Wednesday on its website again: “All previously completed lots of TurkeyGücü in the current season are taken out of the rating because the exit is made before the last five championship games is.”

Very much for the displeasure of the 1st FC Saarbrücken, which thus loses six points from the comparisons with the Turkish club, thereby most affected in the ascent race and has announced legal action.

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Yellow cards? Taffertshofer’s yellow lock remains

But what about the cards and personal statistics? “Each player retains the cards he has seen in the current season against Turkish cu,” explains the DFB. For example, Emanuel Taffertshofer has to see the 5th yellow card on Saturday on Saturday on Saturday on Saturday against SV Meppen on Saturday. The yellow lock of Turkhücüs Alexander Sorge expires at the end of the season.

For worry, like all his teammates in the dealers, can no longer intervene in the current season, only after the season he can change to another club – “even with immediate contract resolution”.

Personal statistics remain

The personal statistics of all third-league players will remain preserved including the games against Turkgyzücü. Magdeburg’s Baris ATIK, the top gate of the League, remains at 17 goals, the hit for 2: 0 at 4: 0 success against Turkkücü is not deleted. The Türkkickücü players are also led in the statistics. For example, Albion Vrenezi will continue to be displayed with 30 seasonal inserts, so many games no other player has completed the squad in this season. The scorer list of the club leads the 28-year-old midfielder with eleven points (six goals, five templates) as well, also this statistic remains preserved.

This is how the table looks like the Turkish Czech retreat…

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