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[Data provided: NHN Cloud]

** \ – Development, Infrastructure, Business / Sales, Technical Support, AI, Security, etc. 6 sectors, etc.

\ – Welcome to the 4th Front Texture, Welcome Bonus 200 million won… One-stop support without self-introduction

NHN Cloud On|On.1 2022 클라우드 트렌드
** \ – We will enhance competitiveness with regular employment of regularly excellent workforce, non-recruitment,

NHN The Cloud is in a large-scale recruitment to the corporate launch.

The NHN Cloud, which has been born as a cloud professional company on the first day, and the NHN cloud, which declared a leap to AI-based global technology, conducts the first career temple disclosure through <2022 NHN Cloud Season Recruitment – Spring>.

The NHN Cloud is a firm position in the domestic public cloud market with openness and flexibility, and is also revealing the two in the enterprise cloud market, which is a multi-cloud environment in a multi-cloud environment, with an open source-based technology neutrality.

In order to expand the global market, we have partnership with local MSPs such as Japan and North America, and are also building a rejection of Southeast Asia. In addition to building additional data centers, the scale is expanded, and the NHN Academy is also known in the Gimhae area and contributes to the development of developer ecosystems.

The first employment recrenses 00 across six sectors, including development, infrastructure, business, business, technical support, AI, and security. The recruitment of the spring season is divided into two times. The recruitment is received by the NHN Cloud Season Recruitment Site through the NHN Cloud Season Recruitment Site . The second adoption is made from 25th to May 5th.

In addition, it is possible to create an application in a career-oriented substrate that generally omits the creation of a generally requested self-introduction letter. The NHN Cloud said that the applicants have provided this type of attendance support and interviewing the employment support to proceed among the work schedule.

The NHN Cloud is a strategy to recruit a cloud expert in various fields and strengthen competitiveness as a global player. To this end, the NHN cloud will be welcomed with the people who will welcome talent to join the new beginning of 2 million won.

In addition, since the fan dissensation situation due to corona 19, it will provide a flexible working environment by continuing to work on the 4th of the 4th, It is a decision that has the direction of the company that pursues the completeness of the service while increasing the immersion of technology development.

NHN Cloud Baekdo CEO said, “As the cloud era competition became fierce, it was a major factor in the future of the company,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said. ” I will wait for the support and interests of the applicants as long as the future of the talents are expected. “

Meanwhile, NHN Cloud plans to adopt seasons to ensure that talented talents are regularly incident every quarter, followed by the disclosure.

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