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The Los Angeles Lakers around her Star LeBron James have only minimal opportunities on the playoffs in the NBA. Without the basketball professional injured at the ankle, the crew on Sunday has been a long time, but still lost 118: 129 against the Denver Nuggets.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Season
In order to climb ten ten of the Western Conference, the Lakers would have to win three times more in the outstanding four games than the San Antonio Spurs. The Texans brought a 113: 92 against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Phoenix Suns at the top of the Western Conference were subject to Oklahoma City Thunder 96: 117 without the DEVIN BOOKER, but can no longer be displaced from rank one anyway.

Theis and Boston Continue on course

In the east, the Miami Heat strengthened its top position by the 114: 109 at the Toronto Raptors. Again rank two are the Boston Celtics around basketball international Daniel Theis. The clear 144: 102 against Washington Wizards was the 13th victory from the past 16 games for the NBA record champion, which still has three games up to the playoffs.

Theeis managed six counters as a start player, the best thrower was his teammate Jaylen Brown with 32 points.

The Celtics also benefited on Sunday from the defeat of defending champion Milwaukee Bucks against Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic came to 32 points for the Mavericks at 118: 112, which ensure their place in the playoffs. The Philadelphia 76ers are certainly there. The team around Joel Embiid won 112: 108 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Embiid came to 44 points.

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