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We must continue to wait for the detailed roadmap for the months of April and May 2022 in Lost Ark . Instead, on the official website of the online role-playing game, there was recently a new post around the current problems in Arkesia – and exactly in this post, among other things, it was about that roadmap. Insane!

Future content: roadmap and skins

  • Currently, the finalization of the plans for the roadmap is worked on the upcoming contents in April and May. After the criticism of the last content patch, the developers want to take the necessary time for the analysis this time to bring the right content for optimal time.
  • The roadmap should give a taste of the coming classes, raids, continents and other content that come in April and May. All details of the respective updates can only be found in the associated patch notes when they are published.
  • Many players repeatedly expresses the desire that the developers skins are publishing faster and in larger numbers . In fact, there are currently more skins than in Korea at a comparable time after the launch. Even faster skins to deliver is challenging because the skins must always be adapted for the models of different classes. The goal for EU is to publish skins that can be used by players of all class. However, the developers want to catch up with the conveyor from the community.

Current problems in Lost Ark

  • In the future, there should be more events that we can produce reinforcing materials for equipment . There are also plans to implement additional events, mechanics and more to help players to achieve the endgame of Lost Ark (now Buy 19,99 €).
  • At the end of March, the developers have introduced new systems and restrictions to combat bots . Already now a noticeable improvement of the situation can be determined, but the topic of bots remains a challenge that wants to be mastered.
  • In addition, the developers are aware that the new restrictions affect Free2Play Players . The feedback of the affected will show whether an adjustment is necessary here.
  • The following changes are planned for the first PVP season : 1) New players start on the silver rank. 2) Players who have already started their season receive an increase of 250 MSR. 3) Due to the number of active players, the master rank is expanded to up to 200 players.

  • For PVP season 2 there will be adjustments for the leading lists based on season 1 data (similar to Korea).

  • Most recently, a rising number of Steam Keys for Lost Ark was locked, which were sold through third-party bidges . Although the corresponding websites claim something else, they were often worried about a fraudulent path. So see from buying such keys so that your account is not sanctioned.

Detailed Class Popularity in Lost Ark (April 2022)

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