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A masked man is apparently broken into the 47 million euro villa of England’s Football Idol David Beckham. This reports English SUN.

Accordingly, the alleged burglars should have entered the villa over a window and have stolen several smaller objects. However, as a source from the environment of the Beckham’s SUN was notified, nothing had been stolen from a larger value.

Apart from son Cruz, nobody should have been in the house at the Taw of Taw. This would then have agreed father David, which in turn called the police.

According to London police, the incident should have occurred almost a month ago. “The police were called on Tuesday, March 1, at 00.37. The burglary should have taken place on Monday, February 28, between 20.30 and 23.30. Some objects were reported as stolen. No arrests were made. The Investigations last, “the sun quotes an employee.

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Also in neighboring estate in Kensington, there should have been given burglaries in said night. The Beckham family lives in the London Nobel district since 2013.

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