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Pokémon: Twilight wings The fifth episode has been delayed due to logistical problems related to the CVIV-19 epidemic in Japan, has it been announced today.

The episode was to be broadcast in May, according to a monthly schedule that started in mid-January and should end during the summer.

However, the fifth episode will not be available before June 5, Pokémon revealed today through its official Japanese Twitter account.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 4 | Early-Evening Waves [Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield]

Currently, it has not been mentioned if this delay would also affect the following episodes of the series. Nevertheless, it is very likely that the series will continue with at least a month late in relation to the original programming.

It should be added that episodes are broadcast with a slight delay in the Western territories, which should mean that pookemon fans could have a hand on the fifth only in the second week of June.

Alls from dusk is a web series showing episodes of 6 minutes and turns around the Galar region. The last episode is devoted to Nessa, the head of the Hulbury gymnasium, from épée and shield.

Once the fifth episode published, the series will have two other episodes before reaching its conclusion, which was originally planned for the summer.

Now that the new episode has been moved deeper in June, it is unclear if this calendar could be respected or if it will undergo new delays.

Nintendo is in a similar position, where it does not advertise 2020 titles for Switch because it always seeks to know how smart work and other logistic challenges due to Covid-19 will have an impact on their outings.

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