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Between 2009 and 2019 Jonas Jerebo played in the NBA. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old is no longer active in the world’s best basketball league. Now the Power Forward has joined the Club Zska Moscow in the times of the Russian Attack War in Ukraine, which ensures heavy criticism in his Swedish homeland.

During his NBA career, Jonas Jerebo was active for Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors. Meanwhile, the career of the Routinian is coming to her end, but Jerebo does not think of retirement.

After the former NBA two-round pick played from 2019 to 2021 for the Russian club BK Chimki, Jerebeko was without commitment in recent months.

Pro-basketball player flees ‘escalating’ Ukraine crisis, teammates left behind
On Wednesday, Zska Moscow, the former army port club, took the Sweden under contract. The fact that Jerebko changes to Russia in the times of the Russian attack war in Ukraine, in his homeland on fierce resistance.

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This reports “Kungbacka Post” that the Swedish club onsala pirates will not name a planned basketball court against original plans after the ex-NBA star. In addition, the beverage producer “Nocco” should have exposed his sponsoring with Jerebo.

Also in the Swedish press, the basketball player must listen to clear criticism. Thus, the journalist asked differently Lindblad in the “Svenska Dagbladet”, as one can be “so hard of hearing” in the face of Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Max Wiman continued one step further with “Sydsvenskan” and demanded Jerebkos permanent exclusion from the Swedish national team.

Voigtmann leaves Zska Moscow

Unlike Jerebo, the German Basketballer Johannes Voigtmann decided after the beginning of the war against a commitment to Zska Moscow and left the club from Russia.

In the current situation “I can not agree with me, for a Russian team competitions, where it ends up for winners and losers. Even if it is only basketball, this includes a symbolic that is in my view is currently inappropriate “, the 29-year-old explained the” kicker “.

As a consequence on the war Zska Moscow was taken out as all other Russian teams from the game operation of the Euroleague season.

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