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While Sony comes up with the ABO Revolution for PlayStation Plus, Microsoft proclaims a cooperation between Xbox and the French Football Association (FFF). The brand becomes the official and global gaming partner of the women’s and men’s national team of the “Equipe Tricolore”.

In the message, Microsoft emphasizes the parallels: “The French Football Association is a remarkable organization that has shown the same will and the same ambition as Xbox, bringing fans and players together with a common passion, while their differences are respected.”

XBox as a “world-famous and innovative brand”

Francois Vasseur, director of marketing and economic development in the French Football Association, but emphasized the Xbox status as a “world-famous and innovative brand”. These parts the own fundamental values such as “diversity and inclusion as well as gaming and its general accessibility”.

FFF | Xbox - Announce

To underline these words, the first two actions have already been announced for the further course of 2022. At “Xbox FC”, amateur associations are equipped with PSG player Sakina Karchaoui with “newly designed facilities, special gaming laboratories and new Xbox and FFF equipment”.

At “Xbox-Day” on May 21, Xbox and FFF “offer a look behind the scenes of Clairefontaine, the ECUP FFF finals, gaming workshops and tournaments in the stadium”. The event is accompanied by Karchaouis PSG colleague Kadidiatou Diani and the streamer Domingo. Incidentally, Xbox has announced similar cooperation in August 2021 with the English FA.

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