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A 5V5 Tactical Shooter “ Rainbow Six Sease ” to work by Euby Isofu will rush in the seventh year this year. In the season 1 “ Demon Veil ” decorating the beginning, “ AZAMI ” of the Japanese operator is added, and a long-awaited team death match etc.

This time, while eating the elements added in the season 1 “Demon Veil”, the basic usage guide of Azami is introduced from the guide to practical use. Please refer to your cheats!

# Season 1 “Demon Veil” * らい

The third Japanese operator “AZAMI” appeared in “Demon Veil”. He has a “KIBA barrier” that creates a bullet barrier.

It is also characteristic that it has unique origin, reunion, reunion, reunion, reunion, reunion, participation of Hachiman Masayuki, who was escorted from white by members and the Metropolitan Police Department to the private bodyguard. This pattern is also depicted by the above-mentioned storytrailer, and it is a must-see, as the voice of Mt. Mt. Hazhiro Yawata is too high.

And “ Team Death Match ” is added to new game mode. “Theme Park”, “Villa”, “Fabella”, this death match ends when either team reaches 75 kills or 5 minutes of the time limit. Excellent fucking offensive Operator is available, Rank Match before warm-up and ** I want to enjoy shooting a little bit.

Also, as a change in game design, Attack operator reselection (attacker replica) is also implemented. This means that the attack side can change the ** operator and loadout freely during the preparation phase. Quick Matches, Unranks, Ranks available. As a result, the attack side is drawing, and the defense side is important for drone destruction and interference.

# Battle Pass is hot!

Introduce cool items in battle paths before entering the main subject!

This time there is also the appearance of the Japanese operator, or there is a headgear or uniform of Japan like Japan. Especially Ash Flame Dragon Series is cool…!

All-round seasonskin “Life Blood Flower” is an elegant dress with cluster flowers. Since the skin that appeared in the battle path is resold, it is not in the past, so if you get it now!

# Azami What character?

The operator “AZAMI” added in Season 1 is the defense operator of Speed ​​2 and Armor 2. The weapon you possesses the same SMG “9×19 VSN” (only for equality site only) as KAPKAN, the same full-auto SG “ACS12” (1.5 times site or equal double site), and the side arm “D-50 (Desert Eagle). Subgadgets can be selected from barbed wire and impact grenades.

# What is the “KIBA Barrier”?

“KIBA barrier” with AZAMI is a recycling type and up to five possessable knit throwing gadgets. As mentioned earlier, we produce bulletball barriers, focusing on places where we stabbed Kunai.

Failure of KIBA barrier is 3rd attack or explosives is valid. The attack side is proxy and proxy attacks, and it is required to destroy the Kali’s low-speed explosive lance and Hibana’s pellets, including explosives such as flag grenade, gonne-6, and bleeding charge.

In addition, if it is a defense side, Impact Grenade and C4 can not be destroyed by one-off attack of Aruni. Since the defense side destroys, The Azami’s subgadget may have impact grenades, as it is also possible to peak that focused on enemies.

# How can “Kiba Barrier”?

Practice from here. First of all, about the detailed development of KIBA barrier.

The KIBA barrier is Miso, “** spreading from stabbed places” is miso, and if there is an object in the spacing that spreads, deployment will be inhibited. Extreme stories and stabbing do not deploy for recesses. In addition, it is possible that a variable with different stabbing places is different due to the difference.

For example, even if it is attached to one of the following pillars, different barriers deploy depending on which aspect of the column. Let’s check the stabbing location so that you can be expanded firmly.

# What should I put it?

So what place should I put it?

First of all, it is recommended to expand to “ Close to the enemy’s proximity attack “. On the characteristics that break through the proximity attack, the attack side will be broken in no time if you expand to a place where the attack side approaches low.

Like an image, the defense side is a powerful position where the attacking side can view the attack side. The attack side gives up this entry chat or to break the explosive (resource).

In addition, points are not expanding during preparation phases. The attacker replica switches to a lot of explosives flores, etc., and it is possible to change the spawn point and first destroy the barrier developed during the preparation phase.

Cuting the emissions will also be aware of. In the upper image, the map “Sanso” is developing a barrier from the rooftop to the middle floor. It is advantageous that you don’t have to worry about one injection when fighting against a balcony (so-called five-piece window).

In the upper image, the map “Club House” Overseas from the two-wall of the monitoring room, the barrier to cut the rays to the garage second floor. Now you can fight the garage invasion firmly (conversely, the point can not lock the entry from the 2 sheets). I also remember that I can cut a larger radiation by overlapping the barrier.

In addition, if THATCHER is BAN, you can open a small hole with MaverRick and see the scene to throw flag grenades. This is for destruction of signal disrupters and shock wires on the back of the reinforcement wall, but it is also a hand to block the holes in the KIBA barrier. This is often open to another place and the ability to do the enemy is often passed, but it is likely to earn a big time.

And, finally, the barrier demonstrates a great effect by having a sense of “” Make a head one positive “.

※ About the position of the enemy invasion with only one head from the enemy side = one head from the enemy side

The upper image is a barrier that protects the corner of the reading room with the map “Sanso”. Entries can be locked with tight injections, and it is difficult to break if the enemy does not have explosives.

The upper image is a figure locking an entry from a VIP office of a map “presidential machine” that is not pooled by quick match. It is also point that it can not recognize that the enemy is putting a barrier from the enemy only by opening the injection of the part of the peak part. By the way, the presidential machine is also recommended to block the window glass that is missing with Sniper Rifle. It is a technique that can only be used with quick match…….

Of course, these barriors are installed points in guessing the approximate position to enemies must be careful. Because the enemy flag grenade is a major threat, it is also good to combine with WAMAI with a recharged throwing inhibition gadget.

Naturally, if you spend the space around the barrier on the attack side, you can also use it on the attack side . In preparation for spending, you may be useful if you remember that you will get close attacks twice in advance and destroy it when you pull it.

In addition to raising the hardware of existing defense sites, it is the greatest advantage of the KIBA barrier that new defense sites can be created. The more you understand the map, the higher the accuracy and the effect. Repeating various trials and errors may find unexpected radiation.

# Ear 7 is an innovation year

As I mentioned so far, AZAMI is strongly prompted for the development of maps in recent additional operators. The characteristics that exert the effect by knowing the game well are compatible with this work, and it can be said that it is a manual operator.

In addition to this, Early 7 will also work to improve game comfort throughout the year.

First, one new operator appears throughout the four seasons including “Demon Veil”. In addition, Season 1’s middle and season 3 have a complete new map for the first time in a long time, and a team death match dedicated map is scheduled for Season 2.

In addition to this, the long-awaited shooting range (shooting exercise area) is implemented in season 2, and in season 3 Renovation of rank match can be expanded and renewal of MMR system can be achieved by renewal And. The end of the year is also planned to introduce cross play and cross progression (multiple platform-progress sharing functions).

Throughout the year, “Rainbow Six Seas” evolves to more playful FPS, as well as new operators and new maps, will also live innovation in gameplay. Expectations are also increasing for future deployments.

In addition, the Japan League “Rainbow Six Japan League 2022” will be held on March 26. From familiar teams, such as CAG and Fav Gaming, domestic top teams were hit by Donuts USG who won the promotion match, SCARZ (formerly: ZEPTO)!

“Rainbow Six Sid” is on sale for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X | S, PLAYSTATION4, Xbox One, PC (Ubisoft Connect / Steam).

Official site is here

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