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Sandro Wagner reiterates his premature resignation from the German national team in retrospect. He revealed that in the conversation Toni and Felix Kroos in their podcast “Just Times”.

“I should have stopped the feet and waiting for the tournament,” said the 34-year-old and added, “but that’s not me. I was not at the moment.”

Wagner was voluntarily resigned from the DFB team after not being nominated for the squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia from the then national coach Joachim Löw. The way he had revised mad.

“I was unauthorized in Italy and have bought a house yet. We should not really get out of Munich. Then I saw all the WhatsApp groups and Josh Kimmich called me and asked me, ‘Say, the Jogi has already called ? “,” The former striker explained. At this time he had not received any message yet. Just before Munich, Löw announced the non-consideration on the phone.

Wagner has heard the blades of a wineglass in the background. “I can not get out of my head anymore. That was a situation in which I did not feel valued at all. Then I thought: I can not look in the mirror anymore, if I stayed with it. I would have the way but I would have the way Cooler can solve, “he said.

Wagner: Kroos? “Another world”

In addition, Wagner reported the enormous pressure that prevails with Bayern. “Since the F-youth, a number of players have been sorted out each year. It was every year on the cant, whether I stayed,” he said, pushing, “once, in U17, they told me: ‘Sandro, that Is not enough anymore ‘. Then I was lucky enough to make a good game yet. “

Stefan Beckenbauer then came to him at that time and said, “Come Sandro, we’ll try again”. That’s why he continued.

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Wagner had “two moments in my youth when I wanted to stop playing football. Once when I saw Kevin-Prince Boateng at the tournament, I thought: Hoppala! And when I saw Toni Kroos during the training. That was then another world”.

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