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bisons came to superliga a little below the radar, since great names like Koi, Fnatic and Barça copied all the headlines. And while these clubs added routillating stars to their quintets, the club settled in Euskadi opted to follow the Montnchi Estela del Lol and sign Foreign League players from second step as Albertrayber and Guubi , bring two players of good performance in Superliga but far from having a large poster like random and obscure , and sign national amateur talent as myrwn .

Little by little they gained a hole in the heart of the fans thanks to their way of understanding the League of Legends. Unpredictable in the selection phase of champions, always aggressive in departure and with players who have caught the attention of those who did not know them; This is bisons. And if this were not enough, the results have been given their hand. After leaving G2 Arctic and Koi, the latter by a powerful 3-0, will face the semifinals by the Title against F.C. Barcelona.

A few hours just about the best of five that will face the Catalans tomorrow, we have been able to chat with Alex “ Myrwn ” Villarejo, one of the revelation players this season. The Toplaner has answered the questions of MGG Spain on a lot of relevant topics for the end of the National Superiga of League of Legends.

to two BO5 of glory

In the previous text block, I started talking about what the people of Bisons expected. But what is really relevant in this type of case are self-imposed expectations , since those are those that determine the future of projects. On this I asked myrwn: _ “we, the main objective… Everyone put us in the area below, but we wanted to reach 100% playoffs. It was the first step that had to be given and there and to see, go Step to step. The regular season we could have finished both third and seventh the last day “_.

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Finishing the regular season in fourth place should give them the benefit of doubt, at least in the first duel. This is what the Spanish player tells us: _ “If we had been third, we could have changed against who we faced… That’s why it’s a bit difficult to put a clear goal, but Playoffs was one 100%, and from there go see how we I was in each series. “_

Of course, as it tells us, the team has given a quality jump in the best five that perhaps some were not expected. _ “The good thing we have is that we are not afraid to play anything different in Stage. We have our own style, we are a different team and that is our strength. We have a lot of Champion Pool and we are not afraid to shit it. If we shit it, Go to the next game without problems. You look at what can be done better, and that’s it. “_.

The style is not negotiated

A key moment in the season has been the recent choice of AHRI TOP for Myrwn. This pick so rocamborassco was tremendously commented, but the player admitted in an interview with Ainhoa ​​” NOA ” Fields that he had only played on one occasion before the game. This could well be an addition to the pressure on the shoulders of the players, having to play champions without just experienced with them. Myrwn tells us as follows: _ “I’m not so much of playing alone, but I play many normal with friends or ARAMs, and I really play all the characters of lol. For me, get used to a new champion, even if it is Another position is very easy. “_

This could be a sacrifice for some players, but myrwn has no problems being the guinea pig of the technical body of Bisons: _ “The team is good and A_ Mi I do not mind playing a champion almost for the first time for the draft Be better, or for Random to have a contept, count on a support that counted the enemy composition, or perhaps in the jungle… The rest of the team is also a bit like that. “

Of course, this use of strange picks can be criticized by those who consider that they are “Cheeseos”, removing merit to the development of the strategy and primate catching the opposite to the opponent: _ “People from outside have a very bad image of how we are, especially at the beginning of the season. Be cheeser is to make a game because you have to win and play with the surprise factor. But we do each game. It is simply our goal, we are different. I do not consider it Cheesear. “_

What is LOL Champagne?

This term has gained a lot of traction in social networks, and represents the irreverent style of bisons . But hey, better that I explain it Alex: _ “The Champagne Lol is a bit of innovating within the game. A little what we have said about not being afraid to be different to the rest and look for new ideas. That is not all so… Like you see the game, the rest of the world teams, and it is always the same. Then you see us and style equipment and you notice that they try to innovate. “_

One of the most recent famparazos was the use of Nasus ADC as Zeri counter. Such was its renown, which even came to Guru’s ears of the League of Legends Nick “ LS ” of Cesare. Taking into account what myrwn relates, it seems clear that it was a rush for all of them: _ “It was a surprise that LS will answer. I think the players and coaches have all a great respect for ls. I have been very fan, and Random too. We usually see his stream. That he answered was crazy, because it was also after BO5 and the victory against G2 Arctic. “

Astralis SB, the family and the beginning of the champagne lol

Although the great disembarkation of talent from the amateur in the Spanish LOL occurred, there are already some seasons with people like Flakked, Koldo and others, demonstrating that there was room for young players, this Split was the return to a philosophy of many significant signings. Myrwn, who had demonstrated the level of him with Astralis SB, he was able to take a position in Superliga. But the story of him is not that of someone who bursts out of nowhere.

_ “I started a lot in Okgg, on an amateur team that I think right now has nothing of League of Legends. A superhumilde team, people work very well and it was like a family. I have been very lucky, because in each Team I’ve been to, has been like a family. By studies I had to stop training, but if there was a tournament and had somewhere, because it covered that position. In fact, a tournament played him from jungle. “_, Relative Our interviewee.

Although it is at source-astralis SB when it has contact with Víctor “ Machuki ” Machuca and Paul “ MARHODER ” MENÉNDEZ, THE NOW BISONS AND ARTICITORS ARTIFICS OF LOL CHAMPAGNE who already started working on that project: _ “Then I arrived at source. That’s when I was with Machuki, we started with Jairo, but then Machuki was joined. Everything was rolled, although we lost 0-3 in the final, things that happen. The next Split went with Machuki and we took us The storm circuit then and Machuki went to Team cheese, and that’s when I met Pablo, who had not talked about him more than in a stream. “_

About Pablo, main technician and an old acquaintance of all the fans of the national lol, he says the following: _ “Working with Pablo is crazy, but I think we understand very well. I think everything that is not Esports knows how to manage very Well, it helps to have someone with such experience. And obviously at the level of play, it has also helped me a lot, it is crazy. In this year, well, similar. “_

_ “Team Cheese is not unbeatable” _

The duel on Thursday, who will already face one of the two featured teams of the regular season as it is Barça, does not influence terror in Bisons players: _ “It will be harder. By players and style. They have good ideas At the Draft level, and when he played against us, something that Koi did not have. Obviously, it will be more complicated. But I do not think there is so much difference so we can not fight for the BO5., they may surprise us, especially by LeBron, who can take out some naughty pick in the jungle. “_

Although doubt is if someone is going to be able to beat team cheese , a team that has gathered talent and good game. But myrwn does not have any: _ “We beat them once, so I think they are not invincible. They are great players and I respect my mogollion, especially to Óscar, who is a friend of mine and I have played a lot against him. He is an uncle With a lot of talent, but I think you can win the whole world. And more in a BO5 that is so mental. We render well in the trainings and I really think they can be earned. “_

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