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The Deatheisser (DEADEYE) is one of the ranged damage classes in the Action MMO. He is the male counterpart to the artist and changes like this through a whole arsenal of weapons and skills to accommodate it with the many enemies in Lost Ark. While the two classes have many superficial similarities, they ultimately play very different. The death protector can switch to three different weapons (two pistols for the Akimbo style, a shotgun and a rifle) to adapt to every situation, which makes it a well balanced class during the level phase. He has everything in his kit, including mobility, single target and area damage (AREA OF EFFECT, AOE).

The heart of every Lost Ark builds is the identity capacity of the class. For the art shooters, the three _ weapons holders _, which are arranged on the identity display and where they can rotate them by using the X / Y buttons. To learn when and why you change between weapons, an integral part is to master the class:

  • The pistol husbandry is the basic combat department and is suitable for quick attacks on opponents in a relatively large area.
  • The shotgun fishing is perfect for melee. With it, you can do devastating attacks that bring the opponent with a high chance to aumeln or destroy the equipment.
  • Gunfeit is useful for attacks on a large distance and to put opponents at great removal the deathshaft.

Experienced Death Scorer Player Quickly Change Your Weapons, use your shotgun and sniper capabilities with a long cooldown to cause great damage, and then fill the decay times with additional pistol damage. This will change only in the late game if your your class engravings unlock.

Table of contents

  1. 1 advantages and disadvantages of the deaths
  2. 2 equipment
  3. 3 distribution of skilled dots
    1. 3.1 pistol pose
    2. 3.2 groove
    3. 3.3 rifle attitude
    4. 3.4cuts from Level 50 and Awakening Quest
  4. 4Gameplay

Advantages and disadvantages of the deaths

  • High mobility
  • good season damage
  • Krit-rate synergy

  • depending on back fitting

  • low defense
  • Skills with high damage are in melee range


Pay attention during levels to always equip the equipment with the highest item level, where krit and specialize are prioritized for more damage and clear speed. Furthermore, you focus on the main story quests, as they provide most of the experience and rewards. The (yellow) side quests makes it only when you lie in the area of ​​the main quest and can be done quickly.

Distribution of skilled dots

Lost ARK: The Skills of the Death Reserved on Level 50 (Pistol Display) Source: SmileGate / Maxroll.gg A core element of each Lost Ark builds are the so-called Tripods . Almost any non-awakening capability (more below) has a unique upgrade system called Tripods, with which player can unlock powerful bonuses for their skills that range from statistical improvements to basic optimizations of the performance of skill in combat.

Each skill has DREI TRIPOD stages, which are activated by investing skills in a certain skill. The skill points you will receive by increasing the level of your character in Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) and consumed skill potions – rare endgame items that can be found in the tower, adventure books and more. The three Tripod stages are unlocked at Skilllevel 4, 7 and 10.
It costs more skill points to improve a capability if you increase their rank. Therefore, you will not have enough points to unlock three levels of Tripods for all your skills, so they prioritize accordingly. You can inspect your Tripods at any time. LOST ARK: The skills of the Death Scorer on Level 50 (Pistol Display) – Arrangement on the Action Bar Source: SmileGate / MaxRoll.gg Below are the character levels for the preservation of the most important skill tripods listed. Since you may initially use less maximum points per skill on the way to character level 50 depending on the respective stage, you can spend the remaining points in the meantime for secondary skills of your choice – preferably the low cooldown. But it ensures that you return these points if necessary and then assign the main capabilities. The fighting menu menu calls you to the K button. _NESTAYES THAT THE POINTS IN THIS CLASS DISTRIBUTE OVER THE THREE WEVER PLACES! _

Pistol pose

Level Skill Points Tripod skills / purpose
12 Spiralier 1
12 AT02 grenade 1
12 Enforcement 4 ‘Light foot work’ for mobility
12 Saltoschuss 4 ‘Agile movement’ for mobility
16 Spiralier 1
16 AT02 grenade 1
16 Enforcement 4
16 Saltoschuss 4
16 Balance 7 ‘Beated vulnerability’ and ‘Raid to the enemy’ for damage and clear speed
21 Spiralier 1
21 AT02 grenade 1
21 Enforcement 1
21 Saltoschuss 4
21 Balance 10 Nerve shot for more Krit damage
25 Spiralier 1
25 AT02 grenade 1
25 Enforcement 1
25 Saltoschuss 4
25 Balance 10
25 Deathfire 1
25 Skilled Shot 1
35 Spiralier 1
35 AT02 grenade 1
35 Enforcement 1
35 Saltoschuss 4
35 Balance 10
35 Deathfire 4 ‘Eager stroller’ for more critish damage when used fastfire
35 Skilled Shot 4 ‘Agile movement’ for higher attack speed
45 Spiralier 1
45 AT02 grenade 1
45 Enforcement 1
45 Saltoschuss 4
45 Balance 10
45 Deathfire 10 Flame bomb and ‘infinite extinction’ for higher clear speed
45 Skilled Shot 4

Better Than First Theros Beyond Death Box | Unreal
50 | Spiralier | 1 |
50 | AT02 grenade | 1 |
50 | Enforcement | 4 | Restore the previous points
50 | Saltoschuss | 4 |
50 | Balance | 10 |
50 | Deathfire | 10 | Flame bomb and ‘infinite extinction’ for higher clear speed
50 | Skilled Shot | 4 |
50 | Cruel searcher | 1 |


Level Skill Points Tripod skills / purpose
12 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
16 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
16 Hour of the judgment 1
21 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
21 Hour of the judgment 1
21 Shotgun fastfire 1
25 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
25 Hour of the judgment 1
25 Shotgun fastfire 7 ‘Full range’ and ‘reinforced shot’
30 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
30 Hour of the judgment 1
30 Shotgun fastfire 10 Special ball
35 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
35 Hour of the judgment 1
35 Shotgun fastfire 10
35 Shotgun Master 7 ‘Full range’ and ‘reinforced fire’
40 Sign of the Apocalypse 1
40 Hour of the judgment 1
40 Shotgun fastfire 10
40 Shotgun Master 10 ‘Master of CQC’
50 Sign of the Apocalypse 10 ‘Full range’, ‘reinforced shot’ and ‘after effects of ethics’
50 Hour of the judgment 1
50 Shotgun fastfire 10
50 Shotgun Master 10 ‘Master of CQC’


Level Skill Points Tripod skills / purpose
12 Spiral flame 1
16 Spiral flame 1
16 Disaster 1
21 Spiral flame 1
21 Disaster 1
21 Threesome explosion 1
35 Spiral flame 1
35 Disaster 1
35 Threesome explosion 1
35 Targeted shot 1
35 Spiral flame 1
35 Disaster 1
35 Threesome explosion 1
35 Perfect shot 1

Skills from Level 50 and Awakening Quest

As soon as your level 50 orders, you get the opportunity to unlock two more “ultimate” skills, the so-called awakening skills (Awakening skills). For the first awakening skill, you must first play the main story quest to Vern (city). Here Beatrice tells you that you should visit you in Trixion. As soon as you receive this message, you will open up your notebooks / songs (F2 key). Play the Lied of Trixion and it will tell you exactly where your Beatrice can meet. If you have found you, you will send you to the awakening quest. After completing the tasks, Beatrice will give you the normal skill _ Perfect shot _ and the awakening skill _ Lehmbarrage _. To do this you have to open your mailbox and consume the items contained therein to completely unlock these skills.

The fully developed skills on Character Level 50 see her above in the picture.


Movles mobs, elite monsters and bosses closely together to blow them with _ equilibrium . In later levels, her mobs in a line raw her to struggle with the shotgun skills. Used _ Enforcement , _ SALTOPS _ , _ Skilled shot _ _ **** _ and the space bar dodging (can be used twice in succession) to quickly run over when the terrain no Riding allowed. — (Source).

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