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In the six skill trees in which players can invest in as an elo, there are several skills classified as combat techniques. These are the skills typical of certain types of weapons that offer, and the special ability to be activated if they have enough ammunition and / or endurance.

Each type of weapon has from one to three such techniques that can be unlocked in the skill tree. There are 10 types of weapons, of which players can choose, each of which has its own game style that works best with him. We will look at each of them; Blastsling, BoltBlaster, Hunter Bow, Ropecaster, Sharpshot Bow, Shredder Gauntlet, Spike Thrower, Tripcaster and Warrior Bow.

explosive weapon techniques

Blastslings are a weapon that shoots bombs with large spontaneous effects. Thus, BlastSlings work best at a great distance and / or in secrecy. Players can unlock these techniques through the Survivor Skills Tree.

  • Jumping bomb – shoot an explosive bomb that is becoming more powerful with each rebound.
  • Evaluation – throws a bomb queue forward, automatically dodging back.
  • Sticky bomb – Run a wide range of bombs immediately for a short distance in favor of ela, which explode with a small delay.

Boltball weapon techniques

Boltball is a heavy weapon similar to a semi-automatic crossbow. Due to the fact that it is hard, players will not be able to quickly dodge this weapon, and its recharge can take a lot of time. Players can unlock the techniques of this weapon in the hunter skills.

  • Split explosion – shoot with eight bolts from a long distance.
    Sustained explosion – Free the whole bolt clip immediately.
  • Ultra Shot – Shoot the queue from special discontinuous bolts that can affect the far distance.

Hunting Luca

The onion of the hunter – the middle bow between the warrior onion and the muddy shot. Thus, it offers an average distance and works perfectly in most combat situations with a small space between the eloe and its attackers. Players can unlock these weapon techniques through the hunter skills tree.

  • High volley – Shoot the hollow boom with a high arch to hit a small aoe.
  • Triple cutout – Load to the bow up to three arrows before shooting them at the same time.
  • Nokautating shot – shoots a special type of arrows that do not cause damage, but can shoot down small goals and stunning large.

Appliances weapon rope

Ropecaster is a weapon based on capturing or slowing the player’s enemy. However, depending on which version, the player uses, for example, the option with Kanishystroe, it will have alternative use options that can cause greater damage. At the same time, this weapon is the only technique that can be found in the skills of the catcher.

  • penetrating rope – Shoot the rope that you can attach to any part of the body of the enemy without the need to completely pull out weapons.

Archery Footage

Sharpshot Bow bow – the largest and long-range bow available in Arsenal Elo. This bow is best working from a good distance, as it is slow, and helps a high nashet or shelter. This bow technique can be unlocked through the “penetration” skills.

  • Resistant shot – Make a powerful shot from position standing on your knees.
  • Double notch – Load the second boom and shoot to release both immediately.
  • Focused shot – Increases the zoom ela during its concentration and causes additional damage.

Shreddered Weapon Movements

This completely new weapon gives an ela of a kind of boomerang to short distances, which is not always guaranteed returns. Thus, this is an excellent alternative to the Military Luke as a last resort for players who love to fight in a nearby battle with their enemies. Players can get these techniques of weapons from Survivor skills.

  • Triple chopper – Runs three shredder immediately, of which only one will return to be caught.
  • Mine chopper – Run the shredder, which spinning from the point of contact, before hanging out on the spot, inflicting a shock damage to the nearest enemies for a short time.
  • Power shredder – Run a special shredder that applies additional damage to the target. This shredder will not return to Elo.

Sickie weapons

Ship thrustors are a type of throwing spear to which Elo is initially gaining access to Chainscrape. These spikes, as a rule, have a mixture of a spontaneous, discontinuous and shock damage, which usually requires the player to be close enough to his enemy. Players can unlock these techniques from the skills of the masters of the machine.

  • Trap with spikes – Run the spike that becomes a trap when colliding with the environment.
  • Moving spike – Run the powerful long-range thorn, which explodes when hitting.
  • Separating spike – Run the spike that is divided into several shells, making the attack more AoE.

Trepillacer weapon technique

TripCaster is a weapon that allows ELA to lay tension cables next to its current position. They work best in hidden passage or ambush. Its only technique can be unlocked from the tree skills of the catcher.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons & How To Get Them (All Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons)
* Quick Wire – This allows players to quickly release both ends of the stretching at the same time. Great for use as a machine charges player.

Military Luke Takes

The onion of the warrior is the most compact bow, which is at the same time the fastest and has the smallest shooting range. Players can find all molded onion techniques in a warrior skill tree.

explosive fire – release three arrows by quick queue.
* Detonator of the melee – releases a special arrow that can be blown up with a hand-to-hand attack for a short period of time after the first shot.
* Distribution shot – to release five arrows in the horizontal direction.

To learn more about Horizon Forbidden West, be sure to check out the section “Will you choose a fight or a yarre in Horizon Forbidden West” in the game manuals for professionals.

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