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The pictures after the 1-0 in Mainz \ – the second scarce victory in series – Languages ​​volumes: Jude Bellingham stretched beaming both arms into the air, before he had a busy reading Haaland in the direction of the catering Dortmund fans. Victory track Axel Witsel closed the surprisingly strong biceps. And in the fanblock, the pendants were jubilating in the arms. It was scenes of joy, but also scenes of relief after 96 minutes of football, in which both teams work significantly more than played – with the happier end for the BVB.

“It was not the most beautiful game from both sides,” Dortmund said this time against the Ball’s Bear-strong defensive player Emre Can and had to fear from neutral side no loud opponent. But beauty is known to be in the eye of the viewer, and so some found some some who were very happy and satisfied with the appearance with Mainzern, which only lost a game at home for the second time at all at home. All ahead coach Marco Rose, who was satisfied that his tone sharpening of the past days showed effect.

In particular, CAN and passport lacquer showed heart

Several times the 45-year-old had recently been publicly talked and not saved with (self) criticism. The identification with the fans was lost through the weak appearances in the K.-O. competitions, he analyzed quite true and demanded a reaction of his team. Not only in the next season, if everything starts again at zero, but in here and now.

The effort of his players was felt in the home game against Bielefeld as well as in the catch-up game in Mainz. First of all those who otherwise do not stand in the very first series: In the absence of the entire tribal chain, in particular, temporary defense chief CAN and right-back Felix passlack heart and provided the second to zero game in series. Witsel, whose expiring contract is not extended in the summer, scored the gate of the day in Mainz – even after a standard. Against Bielefeld, it was the always Ackernde Marius Wolf, who met and not only demonstrated his value for this team.

“This requires a coach of course under pressure,” Rose said, “because competitive situations are created – that too is a topic with us this season.” For a long time, the team depended on alone, if now gradually returned the regular players, they will have to be measured at the commitment that their representatives showed.

The football develops in one direction in which it becomes difficult for you if you believe, it’s just about football.

Death Battle - Reverse Rosé (Slowed + Deeper Pitch)

Marco Rose

Because the two most recent results could be seen in the face of the personnel constellation. Also – or maybe because the football of the BVB currently does not taste for star kitchen, but rather after classic home cooking. There is more applied and sprayed ran than filigree. And that is rewarded by the followers. Keyword identification.

“The team has now played to zero for the second time, for the second time the tasks fulfilled and reintroduced intensity. For that, I have to make her a giant compliment,” said Rose and expanded the field of view: “The football develops in one direction The it is difficult for you, if you believe it’s only about football. You have to bring the basics on the field: intensity and game activity, with ball and against the ball. ” And here the BVB was last on a decent way – despite six missing regular players.

, however, the view goes down at the BVB

Sustainability, however, is another keyword that rose often used in recent months. And this also includes those use and that team unity as well as last permanently. “Continue exactly – that’s what it’s all about,” he said in Mainz and demanded “that we create a group that is able to win big games”. One had “never had a big problem, which affects each other”, but: “There are always small set screws: The main idea belongs.”

Tabular-like the BVB has brought into a good position through the two youngest victories. In both directions. Eleven points lead are now on the third Leverkusen, even twelve on the further pursuers Leipzig, Freiburg and Hoffenheim. And forward is the distance to the leader FC Bayern shrunk to four meters. In the previous second half alone, in which the BVB lost in nine games only once, beside Leipzig most points, put the second best storm and the second best defense (with three other teams), made the black-yellow five points on the record champion well.

However, the view of BVB goes into the other direction: “Sometimes,” said Witsel in Mainz, “you can not play beautiful. Then you have to win like we were very important for us to get down to the distance enlarge.” To dream of more, these in the past often have to be so fanciful team soccerist to stay in the picture, then even more tasty than last. And that constant.

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