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The German Corona Pandemics clubs can continue to plan with full halls and stadiums from this weekend, but they depend on the regulations of their federal states.

Nightly News Full Broadcast - March 17
Confederation and countries were based on the consultations on Thursday in principle at the opening timetable in the Corona Pandemic. “Now we also enter a new phase of the pandemic, in which we, like almost all our neighboring countries, will give up to most protective measures,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a press conference.

It is clear that the federal states wish more. Nevertheless, this is a legal basis on which could be built for the future, Scholz said, with regard to the corresponding changes in the Infection Protection Act, which will allow only certain Corona measures from Sunday.

The countries criticize the federal government for the current corona policy sharp and had re-clearly made this to participant in the consultations with Scholz. You throw the Federal Government a single-handing way. Specifically, it is criticized that the mask obligation is to be abolished in many areas of everyday life. In addition, the countries keep the so-called hotspot control in practice for hardly feasible.

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