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Robert Lewandowski currently determines the headlines around FC Bayern. Only the concern after a slight injury during the training week, then the persistent speculation around water level messages about its outstanding contractuals with the clubbosses.

In the long-term Bavaria professional and today’s football coach Markus Babbel, the mood has now turned over what the Personalie Robert Lewandowski is concerned. The 49-year-old expressed the 49-year-old to the unexplained Lewy future at the dealers from the coming summer.

“I see it similarly sober like the FC Bayern. It is said that the appreciation is not enough, I can not hear that anymore. So much appreciation like Lewandowski gets the Bayern, has not received a player in the last 20 years,” said Babbel in a “sky” interview.

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The former national player pulled a comparison to a teammate, who also has an open contract situation from 2023 at the German record champion: “Thomas Müller, for example, does not make such a circus from it. This rum greeting annoys. Lewandowski deserves 25 million euros and wants more. No other Bayern player earns so much. “

Babbel demands more gratitude of Lewandowski

Babbel, who even undertaken six Bundesliga seasons at FC Bayern, bothers the way of thinking of the Polish superstar, which with his 29 seasons in 26 league games has a superior goal quota in the German upper house.

“There were already times when he wanted to be permanently away, the identification with the club was not very big for a while. Nevertheless, FC Bayern stood to him, because she was crazy about him. He is Champions League winner and world footballer FC Bayern became. There is sometimes a matter of gratitude – not always demanding, “says the clear attitude of Babbel, who had become with the Münchernern 1997, 1999 and 2000 German Master.

Since 2020, the ur-Bayer coach in the waiting stand, last worked between 2018 and 2020 in Australia at Western Sydney Wanderers.

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