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The Treaty of Serge Gnabry at FC Bayern is only dated until 2023. A timely extension is currently not in sight. Are the Munich in the wing sprayer a daring risk or is Gnabry for the German record champion simply renounceable?

“I would not want anything more than that he extends.” With these words about Serge Gnabry Bayern’s coach Julian Nagelsmann made his position in December unmistakably clear.

Serge Gnabry - What Makes The Bayern Star So Good?
About three months later, the negotiations with the national player still have not succeeded in a breakthrough – and though talks for months should take place.

Reason for the contract negotiations, on the one hand, Gnabry itself should be. According to “Sky”, the 26-year-old sees no reason to hurry, as his working paper has 15 months validity. In addition, he realizes that some top clubs like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona should have thrown an eye on him.

On the other hand, the money proves to be a sticking point in the talks. According to “Tz”, Gnabry calls for an extension a decent salary increase and wants to push in the category of his wing-tower colleagues Leroy Sané and Kingsley Coman. These should both earn much more than 15 million euros gross. Gnabry currently entails around nine million euros.

FC Bayern: Gnabry is a goal-threatening as Sané and Coman

A look at the statistics shows that Gnabry’s claims are quite justified. After 26 Bundesliga games are ten goals and five templates to beech.

In the current season, he is the goal-threatening wingers of FC Bayern and behind Moussa Diaby of Bayer Leverkusen (twelve goals, seven templates) the outer player with the second-seater scorer points of the entire league.

Sané comes to seven goals and as many assists, Coman networked four times and prepared three more hits.

In addition, Gnabry is more intense than its two wing colleagues into the game of Munich. The former Hoffenheimer comes on average on 50.3 ball contacts per game. Sané is 44.3, Coman at 44.0.

Even in the defensive works Gnabry Solid. 26 times he could already conquer the ball (on average 1.32 times a 90 minutes playing time), in the club-internal ranking are only Jamal Musiala (1.43), Lucas Hernández (1.48) and Dayot Upamecano (1.64).

FC Bayern: Gnabry convinces and next to the square

How important Gnabry is in the square for FC Bayern, Nagelsmann ultimately underlined: “I’m scary much of him, for years. I believe that he can give us a lot of pleasure. We absolutely need him in his top makeup because he A very variable player is, beepf-sweet, a good tempo dribbler. He already embodies a lot of the player types, which I wish me on this position. “

But even off the square, Gnabry takes an important role in the team of Munich. The DFB star is considered to be calm and prudent, does not greatly attach great importance to social media and always focuses on football.

“As a human being, Gnabry is” scary “from Nagelsmann,” the coach is “enthusiastic about his protégé”.

Are the bosses of Bayern too negligent?

It is all the more surprising that the responsible persons of Bayern are not intensively promoting extension with Gnabry.

Most recently, there were rumors that Munich bosse demand more constant achievements from the native Stuttgart. Although the attacker convinces most of this season, smaller performance dishes are always seen again and again, as Nagelsmann emphasized in December: “He still has games in turn in which he could show more.”

Nevertheless, it would be more than negligent to go into a last contract year with Gnabry and thus risk a release-free change in the summer of 2023.

Especially since FC Bayern would have to deal with an alternative at a Gnabry departure. Finding a replacement that approaching similar scorer values ​​and is still favorable, seems to be almost impossible undertaking.

But so far it should not come first, it goes to Oliver Kahn. The CEO of the CEO that Nagelsmann’s “sincere desire” is true: “I think we have many arguments that speak here for FC Bayern Munich and so is a constant exchange with the players and finally one has a solution Find.”

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