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The Event “Spring in the Kingdom of Cookies” will last until March 21, 2022. . He encourages you to perform a series of random quests and tasks to earn glory points that will contribute to the achievement of the milestone, which will bring you both individual and guild awards. Since this is a guild event, you first need to join one of them to take part in it.

Go to the Event page by clicking the Spring Quests button on the left pane in the event menu. You will receive two tasks “Send Materials” and one game assignment.

The task will reward you with glory points and other resources, from Star Jelly EXP to the filling and much more. If you do not like the task or you can not execute it immediately, click the “Update” button in the upper left corner of each card. Wait 10 minutes and a new task will appear.

Head to for Guild! Section Menu Events to get awards for achieving milestick points of glory. Your glory points will begin to contribute to the joint passage of the guild in this event, starting with 10 000 so try to achieve this goal as minimum . You just need to perform several tasks to get to it!

Guild Awards

In the Spring Quests section, click the “Awards” button in the “Event Information” section to view the statistics of your guild. You can use the two guild award tables. You need to take part in the event and gain a minimum of 10,000 glory points. To obtain these awards.

First, it is a reward for a guild rating that rewards you depending on your guild. Accumulated glasses of glory relative to any other guild in the game. The more active members of your guild, the higher your rating. Several things can affect your result:

  • Only glory glasses received from your current guild will be taken into account, so try not to change the guild halfway.

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* Points of glory of the participants who left the guild will be deleted from the guild account.

The second is a reward for the contribution that is based on your contribution of glory points to your current guild during the event. You are assessed depending on how many glasses of glory you get compared to the guild comrades, so the activity helps!

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