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Mainz against Bielefeld – this duel never achieved a team more than two goals within a game in the Bundesliga. In Mainz, where there is between the two teams, however 3: 2 N.V. In this year’s Cup competition also quite fulminant and goal rich, this mating even never achieved a team more than a gate when it came to points. And: the current form after that could remain so, at least from Bielefelder view. In the past three games, Arminia did not succeed anymore. Now the attitude of the club negative record is threatened from the preseason, when in February / March 2021 four games in a piece did not hit the goal.

While stability and compactness were present at the 0: 1 in Dortmund over wide routes, coach Frank Kramer, who is to return to the command bridge after his Covid disease, is mainly concerned about the revival of his offensive. The harmlessness is also reflected in the fact that his team currently comes with 22 goals in 26 games on the – together with second division tunnel Ingolstadt – worst quota of all clubs in the first three leagues.

Okugawa as a bright spot of the mugs Arminia offensive

Arminia’s weakness is also a weakness of the central striker, which so far all of whiten goes with goals. Three seasons of Fabian Klos, each two of Bryan Lasme and Janni Serra – This trio is currently on a value that in the Bielefelder Bundesliga history, so far, had always reached at least an actor alone in the end. In 1971/72 Karl-Heinz bridges and J├╝rgen Jendrossek each seven times, 1981/82, it was Gerd-Volker Schock, who had even set 16 times a year before. Otherwise, the East Westphalia almost always had more reliable door suppliers, including sound names like Stefan Kuntz (Best scorer 1996/97 and 1997/98 with 14 or eleven hits), Bruno Labbadia (eleven goals 1999/2000) or the multi-best Bielefelder Seasonal contactors Artur Wichniark, whose top brock results with 13 goals from 2008/09.

This season, the Japanese Masaya Okugawa has so far developed to the most accurate player. With eight goals, as an offensive midfielder, he converts to the footsteps of another large ex player at a similar position, which formerly also wore the jersey of the East Westphalia. For example, Frank Pagelsdorf (1982/83 with eleven goals) and Delron Buckley (2004/05, 15 Goals) once swung “out of the depth” to the best enforcers of the DSC in a season.

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