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Immortality , the next title of Sam Barlow , has shown its first trailer during the last ID @ Xbox. The game, which is defined as a “trilogy of interactive films”, will arrive this same summer to PC and Xbox Series X | S, being available from output at Game Pass. This advance has not only allowed us to know a little better the tone of the proposal and the actors who are going to starve it, but highlights that Amelia Gray, Barry Wifford and Allan Scott, have written in mr. Robot, Wild AT Heart and Dama_, respectively.

Advertised in July 2020 under the name in the key of Project Ambrosio, Immortality is a thriller that will immerse us at the disappearance of Marissa Marcel, an unsuccessful actress, protagonist of 3 very different films that for various reasons did not ever reach theaters. The title, which according to its creator will be 10 times more ambitious than Telling Lies, will be developed in four different temporary lines, one of them with Barlow as a protagonist: “It will explore the relationship between game and player and will be centered on how the stories are counted in The cinema, from the creative process to the viewing act, “he explains.

In the first teaser of the game, published in June, he pointed out that Immortality will be inspired by amenaza in shadow. We also let us see the three posters of Marcel’s lost movies, whose last project is inspired by perfect Blue. Although it seems that this game will also use real action footage and a search system for video clips, this trailer does not clarify how It will be the gameplay.

IMMORTALITY - Reveal Trailer for the New Sam Barlow Game
Immortality will be available this summer at pc and xbox series x | s.

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