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It is quite possible that Glasner will send the same eleven on the field for the fourth time in a row. Changes are not pushing for three wins in series, as long as Lindström is actually fit enough to play from the beginning. Although the most recently struck Sebastian Rode is back and could help with its experience and class of the team in midfield. But there is on Sunday (15.30 pm, live! At Sebastian Rode) in Leipzig Djibril with a yellow lock, it would be comprehensible to protect the captain for this game.

First Snow 2021 in Frankfurt Am Main
Glasner calculates that Betis will have more the ball as in the first leg – in Seville, Frankfurt’s ball property was only 35 percent – but emphasizes: “We will not only wait and lurk, but be very active.” From a “compact, aggressive defensive”, his elf “play very quickly”. One week ago, the already excellent worked, with a better opportunity recovery, the Eintracht in Seville would have good and happy to win 4: 1 or even higher.

All players must physically go to their limits and be very awake.

Oliver glassner

Now GLASNER calls to repeat the force in the past Wednesday: “We have retrieved an absolute top performance in Seville. Our challenge is to bring this absolute top performance back to the place. That’s not self-evident. All players have to physically How mentally go to their limits and very, very awake because Betis can dissolve many situations in one-counter-1. “

glassner: “We want to touch the fans, the city and the club emotional”

However, the crew must do without the hoped-for a very great support from the ranks. Although in Hesse from Sunday the audience limits fall, there is no special permit for the game in the Europa League, which is why only 25,000 supporters can be in the domestic stadium. Many feel this gauging as irrational, after all, the risk of infection on Thursday will not be any other than three days later. Thus, only the hope and anticipation remains on a possible quarterfinal in front of full chapel. “We all talk about euphoria and want to touch the fans, the city and the club emotionally,” says Glasner. However, to experience magical nights in the forest stadium, the ranks must be completely filled. The special flair is missing in a merely half arena.

In the premiums distributed by UEFA in the Europa League, Eintracht with the move into the quarterfinals would crack the ten million euro brand. So far, the team played 8.45 million euros in bonuses, for the quarter-finals, another 1.8 million euros would be added. For the semifinals (2.8 million), the final (4.6 million) and the profit of the Europa League (4 million) could be retracted further premiums of 11.4 million euros.

In addition to the revenues from the ticketing and marketing, payments of UEFA from the market pool as well as the coefficients of clubs in the five-year rating. As the Eintreicht 2018/19 to the semi-finals of the Europa League, revenues in this competition amounted to 44 million euros. At that time, however, the forest stadium was also regularly sold out.

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