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Scandal in the series A! Pendant by Hellas Verona have allowed tastelessness against the SSC Napoli in front of the SSC Napoli, which is hard to beat. At night before the game, a Russian war poster was held next to Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi.

See the banner was the national flags of Russia and Ukraine. Among them were the coordinates of the city of Naples. With the action, the Hellas followers obviously tried to offer Naples as a target for air raids of Russian and Ukrainian armed forces.

In the social networks, the tasteless action triggered abyss. “How far the human nonsense can go…”, for example, the User de Giovanni posted and was not alone with his opinion.

Since the 24th of February, the two countries are in the war after the Russian Despot Vladimir Putin had ordered an invasion.

Russia Ukraine conflict: New life and more death in embattled Mariupol

Series A: Lettering to recognize the right-wing extracema Curva Sud

In addition, the Banner of the Curva Sud lettering, the right-wing extremist ultra-grouping Hellas Veronas was recognizable. Whether the unsightly action will have an aftermath for the club from northeastern Italy is not yet known.

Despite the tasteless poster, the SSC Naples was able to decide the away game in the form-strong Hellas Verona Football Club with 2: 1 (1: 0). The matches scored the former Wolfsburg Victor Osimhen in the 14th and 71th minute. The connection hit by Davide Faraoni did not turn any more (77.), since Federico Ceccherin in the 83rd minute flew with yellow-red from the square. In addition, Faraoni had to depart from the square in the eighth minute of replay time.

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Through the success, the Neapolitans remain on the heels of the AC Milan. With 60 points, the team of coach Luciano Spaletti is in second place, only three points behind the current leader.

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