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The game industry from February to March 2022 is very exciting. “ Horizon Forbidden West ” “ Elden Ring ” “ Gran Turismo 7 ” and “ Babylon’s Fall ” is the latest for gamer expectations. Behind this, the work of interest that can not wait for the release is refreshing.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S - Quick Start Guide

In order to make such a great experience to a more wonderful experience, it is essential to adjust the game environment. Among them, it can be said that it is very important to establish the “sound” environment. BGM, sound effects, audio, sound in the game is one of the very important elements. This time, the new play is “I want to make a better thing…. But what should I buy?” “I want to change to a good gaming headset of grade!” For the readers who suffer from We have reviewed 5 series headsets by providing from Hyperx! **

# What is the Cloud series?

Cloud Gaming Headset ” characterized by earclusions that are ideal for long-term wearing and powerful sounds appeared in 2014. After that, the “Cloud II” with 7.1ch virtual surround sounds and added new colors will be released in 2015. It became the best seller product of HyperX.

And in 2020, the performance headset “Cloud II Wireless” which can be used up to 30 hours appeared as it is, and it is now possible to enjoy more comfortable gaming.

# Cloud II, Cloud II Wireless Good

First of all, the overall feature of Hyperx products has a very comfortable feeling of wear. There is a sense of wearing that the side pressure is not too strong and not too weak. On the other hand, even if you shake the head some, it is almost no to shift the headset itself. Furthermore, it is a sound quality with a powerful and speed feeling, and it is pointing to the viewing of movies and music as well as the game. Cloud II is ideal for gaming you want to experience force.

Cloud II Wireless is only wireless and you want to get some weight when you get it. However, when I wear it, I do not feel the weight to that, and I have never heard about headbands and ears. Also, it is very useful because it is possible to adjust the volume with power on and microphones with the left ear cup and the right ear cup.

I actually try to check with several titles. First of all, I tried to play “ Apex Legends “, but there is a little bit of high sound, but just a good point is emphasized, The feeling of hearing of footsteps is high, Also, sounds like gorigoli such as sliding Feeling. Also, thanks to the highlighted high band, you can enjoy the sound of the mechanical sound.

Also, CLOUD II WIRELESS may differ slightly in tuning, The pointed part is mellow and it became easy to hear. If you usually use it, you will definitely use Cloud II Wireless. ** Although it is a model of the same series, there is a lot of noise differences, so if possible, I would like you to watch it if possible.

Then let’s play “ Final Fantasy XIV “. From environmental sounds to life sounds, etc., in addition to the sound of attacks, BGM with fine expressions can be enjoyed in various places. I understand that I will actually experience it in the Cloud II series, but it is very well balanced, and It is said that it can be devoted to play without worrying about feeling because it is highly comfortable. I received an impression . Even in the sense that it is widely prepared from enjoy to high difficulty content, it feels like a strength in terms of ** stress.

# What is the Alpha series?

The next-generation gaming headset “ Cloud Alpha ” released in 2017 is a series that adopts the first dual chamber structure and achieves clear sound quality with a 50 mm driver and has no distortion.. It is an epoch-making product and can be an innovative product. Dynamic range is wide and loved as a high quality model that is ideal for music but also watching music and watching movies.

The ALPHA series wireless version is scheduled to be released in April 2022 in the first half of 2022, and the Gaming Headset can operate the world’s first up to 300 hours for a long time. am.

# Cloud Alpha, Cloud Alpha S is good

First of all, I will listen to some songs first by saying music appreciation and watching movies. In addition to the songs listened to the reference as a reference, when I listened to various genres, you can enjoy something that has become more pluggish compared to the Cloud series. On the other hand, the sweetness is also felt in the guitar, but the aggressive part is an impression that it will be attacked by Chan. Club music such as EDM was also honest with the sound of aggregation.

So I will actually check the game. First, wear Cloud Alpha and check it with “ Elden Ring “, but While it is a whole sound, even metal sounds and air feels are compact and real expression It has been. Unique darkness, etc. are not lost, and it is an impression that deepers the view of the world.

Next, play “ Rainbow Six Extraction ” with Cloud Alpha S. The tone localization is easy to understand, and there is a little sound that seems to miss a little sound. Here, check the 7.1ch virtual surround check. On the other hand, there is an impression that it is likely to boost or more than the middle and high regions, but at the same time, it can feel more * realistic space localization with an image that spreads at 360 degrees * . Although it is a part that is quite good by a person, the effect is high in terms of space grasping.

Then let’s try the music again while listening to music to ensure the effect of the low tone adjustment slider that is also the characteristic of Cloud Alpha S. You can set it in three stages of closed, half open, open, but as it will open, bass will increase. We receive impression that the base becomes thicker, but it feels that the super low region will extend exactly. I felt that it was a function of music appreciation and movie admiration from the game. In addition, it may be good to open and adjust when playing a game where there is not enough stereo sense, as it will receive an impression that spreads slightly left and right.

# Cloud Core WL here good

According to HyperX, “ Cloud Core WL ” is tuned to enhance the FPS experience, and characterized by more hand-off price compared to the Cloud series. It seems to cover the game from the game to the music and movie watching for users who enjoy the game easily. However, the touch etc. are not inferior to other products, and the feeling of wear is good. There is no such thing that the operation part is also unchanged from Cloud II Wireless, and it is difficult to operate.

Listen to the same song as the Alpha series and check out the sound of the sound first. Compared to the ALPHA series, it feels better than the base, and you can enjoy the rack-based base. On the other hand, in the EDM system, kicks and bass are pushed out on the front, and it was a lot of taste for listening with sound spondition that felt the site of the club.

Next, play and check “ Devil May Cry 5 “. The sound during the cut scene and play is quite solid, SE, including the gunshot, is more heavily felt, and it seems good to express as …… that is looking at the movie. receive. I felt that I was directed to the title of the stylish action system as well as FPS.

# Find the product that suits you

Nowadays, various works can now be enjoyed easily with high quality, but if possible, you want to enjoy it with your favorite sound more comfortably. As mentioned in this article, as a writer, Wireless models such as Cloud II Wireless and Cloud Core WL, ** There was an impression that a very balanced sound.

On the other hand, Cloud II and Cloud Alpha are an impression that the sound of the FPS player is going to sound, and it can be said that there is ** for those who do not want to miss the sound. In addition, Cloud Alpha S with a low tone adjustment slider is also available in a sense, but I want to adjust the power of the bass by myself! It can be said that it is a good idea.

It is a HyperX product with high sounds that sound well with various sounds, but how are you looking for something that suggested? Each product can be checked in the official site and the official Amazon brand store.

Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset Special Feature Page is here!

Hyperx Amazon Brand Store is here!

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