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Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich came on Saturday once the third ligament game between the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and TSV Havelse used. At the leadership hit of the red devil he overlooked a clear hand game. In the way back, he confessed to his mistake and called a reason.

“The 1-0 for the red devil was actually irregular. I have not seen the intentional manual extension. It was not a player in front of it. I annoyed me trim and Havelse too! But this is refereeing – mistakes and admit them,” ITTRICH wrote on twitter_. There he regularly addresses his followers to clarify his decisions.

For his open words in the course of the mistake, he was largely praising words, “thumbs up for this insight” or “Communication, which they make overall on Twitter, IMPONSATED ME, among others. Ittrich, in the main occupation policeman in Hamburg, also operates a podcast and has also written a book about its refereeing.

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Before the 1-0 of the FCK against Havelse (final score 3: 0) Philipp Hercher had extended the ball with his hand on scorer Terrence Boyd, which in the way also bought: “I was unintentionally with his hand on the ball, that’s me Also sorry “. Due to the confusing situation, however, guest coach Rüdiger Ziehl also turned out: “The goal is annoying, but in the stadium, no one has seen that it was a hand game.”

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Since 2009, ITTRICH has led the 2nd league since 2009 and since 2016 of the Bundesliga. To date, he comes to 57 missions in the upper house, including eight in the current season – most recently at the 1-0 from Wolfsburg against Union and 6: 1 from RB Leipzig near Hertha BSC.

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