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As good as Elden Ring, it’s so vast and takes a lot of time that most will probably want a break at some point. The RPGs of Action of FromSoftware – with the exception of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – do not have the opportunity to pause the game. If you spend time searching in the menus, reorganizing your equipment, the action around you continues and this can lead to premature death or two for those who do not know it. Elden Ring is the same, does not freeze the world of game in the menus, which means you will have to leave if you want to keep your runes safe.

However, someone has found a diverted way to pause Elden Ring. If you really need to call a dead time, YouTuber Iron Pineapple has discovered a trick that you can use to effectively put the action on a break:

So, to expose everything, here are the steps necessary to “pause” Elden Ring.

  • Tap Options and open the inventory
  • Tap the touchpad to open the help
  • Select ‘Explanation of the menu’

We tested that and it works as shown in the Tweet above. The action continues to roll until you select explanation of the menu in the help screen, but after this point, the game acts as if it were paused, which means you have all the time d ‘Go to the bathroom, to stretch your legs or shout in a pillow after your 27th rendezvous at a boss. If you encounter difficulties with the game and you could use a pause screen, maybe give our Elden ring guide A look to help you conquer your enemies.

How to pause Elden Ring at any time without mods, even during boss fights

Will you use this bypass solution to pause Elden Ring? The absence of a regular break option does it bother you, or is it just normal at this stage? Tell us in the Comments section below.

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