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It may not surprise that the secret doll room, which Has SELUVIS, is not too far away from its place of residence. But the exact location is something that is not clear to everyone ELDENRING players. What in a sense for the concealed nature of preceptor SELUVIS and the hobbies speaks, which he only reveals the general population. This guide explains the meaning of the puppet space and methods required for access to the location.

Location of the Elden Ring Seluvis Puppet Room

[Elden Ring] Seluvis Secret Puppet Room Guide
In between, the hidden chambers of Seluvis Renna and Rannis rise , under an illusionary flooring. The attacking of the sidewalk opens the players access and lets you travel down into the basement. Players will know that they are in the right place when they have seen aristocrats swinging the rods nearby, shooting to the player, pull back quickly and dissolve in particles before they appear again. They are not exactly difficult enemies, and if they appear in an area, which is largely free of enemies, this is more likely to be a hint instead of being obstacles in the way of the player.

After daring in the secret doll room, the players should be able to immediately find out why just Seluvis entrust them with the task of providing potions to other persons, and the possible consequences of such actions. Scattered across the premises are motionless envelopes of test subjects where Seluvis experiments have carried out. And this matter becomes even clearer by the illusionary wall at the end of his chambers, which represents the result of the player’s decision in relation to his drainage quest.

Question ## seluvis

Now that the player was made aware of the processes under the earth of the three sisters. It is free to use the acquired knowledge as a pressure medium. Gift in Seluvis’ Rise and talk to Seluvis, a new call option should have opened up, which would allow the players to ask why there is a cellar full of dolls. If SELUVIS hears such inquiries, he will blame the player for breach of privacy, but on request the gamble demands after a doll.

Give them the opportunity to select free from their collection. The available choices include Fingers Maiden Therolina Marionette, Jarwight Marionette , Dolores the sleeping arrow doll and when players have successfully delivered their potion.

Players do not have to rethink their choices too much if they have collected Betwe’s glitter during their exploration of Lands, because the decisions to preserve the remaining dolls will be provided to the player later with star light splitters as a trade currency.

It is important to note that this opportunity to confront seluvis because of its puppet room will be obsolete after making significant progress in Ranni’s action. When the player has already achieved the secret treasure of Nokron, as Ranni wished, Seluvis is found dead in his tower, and his corpses can be plundered Teacher set and his bell bearing with the magic, the You still need to buy. With his body can also be interacted later in order to get the players again with the help of star light splinters. Players should also look at Pidia, as an event has occurred on his side.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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