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Journey - The Artistry of Game Design (Review/Analysis)
Journey is a striking and meaningful game for many people. And it turns out that it is 10 years old today. A transcendent trip that speaks to so many disparate corners of the game world, even 10 years later, Journey never really left the sphere of speech in the medium. And one of the most lasting elements of experience is that of the sublime partition of composer Austin Wintory. The only original gaming band has never been nominated for a Grammy, she also won the greatest honor when we counted the best sound bands in the last decade. To say that we have a high opinion of the original band here at Push square would be put it very slightly.

A teaser for something has been broadcast on Austin Wintory’s YouTube channel earlier in the week, which has now been followed by a second longer video, providing an overview of a new version of the illustrious partition of Journey. Described at a time as a “reorestration” and a “reimagination”, Wintory has recruited the London Symphony Orchestra to deliver Traveler: A Journey Symphony, which you can now recover on Bandcamp, or broadcast in all the usual places if you prefer.

In addition to the London Symphony Orchestra, Traveler presents the talents of the London Voice Choir and the return of a frequent collaborator of Wintory, the celloist Tina Guo, as well as a multitude of singers. Do you share our passion for the original day of Journey? Are you looking forward to listening to this new interpretation? Have you already started? Let it know below.

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