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Twitch has enclosed the litigation with the popular streamer guy, better known under the pseudonym “Dr Disrespect”.

Both the streaming platform as well as beautified confirmed the end of the dispute and also gave in its almost important
Statements that none of the two parties take a misconduct.

Beauty was blocked in June 2020 on Twitch and, in the consequence, claimed to know the reason for the blocking. At this time, the popular streamer in the form of a two-year streaming exclusivity contract was bound to the platform.

DrDisrespect Ends His Lawsuit with Twitch!
Two months later, beauty filed a lawsuit against Twitch and announced that the reasons for the blocking to know and to sue the streaming platform due to it.

Almost two years later, the reasons for the blocking are still unknown and it is questionable whether this will ever change.

Currently, “Dr Disrespect” has an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming and has no plans to return to Twitch.

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