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Sporty everything fits everything. Thorben Marx is co-coach of the Berlin Landesligist BFC Prussia, which is as a leader on the rise course. His boss: World Champion Thomas Häßler. For Häßler and Marx, on Sunday with their club, the top game against pursuer TSV Mariendorf 1897 is on.

On the eve Gladbach Hertha welcomes.

Marx, who was great at Hertha Zehlendorf and Hertha BSC, presented a total of 255 Bundesliga games (eleven goals) for Hertha, Bielefeld and Gladbach. In 2015, the former U-21 international finished his professional career, in October 2020, the father moved back to two daughters from the west of the Republic in the Berlin South.

Landesligist BFC: At Gladbach is missing on Saturday trainer Adi Hütter for Corona, at Hertha coach Tayfun Korkut is eligible. Both teams are of the role. Who goes with the larger backpack into the game, Mr. Marx?

Thorben Marx: The pressure on Hertha is still a bit bigger. The second half is a disaster with so far two points. The unrest in Berlin is great. Hertha is two points behind place 15, from behind the VfB Stuttgart has walked down. Hertha needs every point and as fast as possible. Gladbach also has a lot of construction sites, but four points more and in my view also significantly more quality in the squad.

Hertha is at 58 goals, Gladbach at 51. Is the lack of balance the main problem with both?

Definitive! Both clubs have already collected some clapping this season. And a 0: 5 or 0: 6 is always a bad sign. If a team leaves slaughter, something is wrong. And that’s not only happened once. There is no true in both teams.

At Hertha you have overestimated your own squad.

Thorben Marx about the current situation with his ex-club

Have both clubs underestimated the dynamics of the crisis and the situation too long?

It looks like me, yes. Of course, the Borussia had a very different claim, and the squad also gives much more. At Hertha you have overestimated your own squad. That’s badly put together, I miss a lot. Augsburg or Bielefeld knew from the first day what it’s about. Gladbach and Hertha not. For both teams, I have the feeling that there are green formation. This can be a K. O. criterion in the relegation battle.

Joined in 1998 in Hertha youth – and has played between 2000 and 2006 for the professionals: Thorbo Marx.

Karl Marx’s Monetary Theory of Value

Why does Gladbach get the potential of single players on the course under Hütter since the summer?

He has tasted a lot, but neither a system still found a real stamelt. Florian Neuhaus, for example, has worked great before Hüterster, then he suddenly sat outside.

How much missing Max Eberl as a fixed point in the overall structure?

He is missing extremely. It is clear that it has been a sport. But Max Eberl has broadcast a special form of speech and always a lot of rest. I experienced him there in my time. He was the fixed point in Gladbacher Kosmos and a very important partner for the coaches, the players, for all in the club. I want those who are now doing the efforts and the skills. But you can not replace Eberl.

Hertha has experienced players, but no leaders. The attempt with Kevin-Prince Boateng did not work out.

Thorben Marx

Hertha was completely in addition to the track at the 1: 4 against Frankfurt last weekend, even the experienced players like the Boyata, Marc Oliver Kempf and Vladimir Darida were completely unsettled. How does the team look at them?

Too quiet and almost lifeless. Everyone has to do with them.

How to get more life and friction in this team?

Tayfun Korkut has tried another address this week. That can be a way. You have to set new stimuli. Fredi Bobic also gave the players more.

The team is highly unsettled. Helps even more pressure to solve the blockade?

Of course that’s a spagat, but you have to try it in the situation. Of course, it is: You will not be able to change the character of a team in March. Hertha has experienced players, but no leaders. The attempt with Kevin-Prince Boateng did not work out.

Borussia in Mönchengladbach between 2009 and 2015 – for example under coach Lucien Favre: Thorbo Marx. imago sports photo service

Corkut has brought only nine points in twelve league games. Nevertheless, Managing Director Bobic holds to him. Does it make sense?

Decisive is the question: Follow the team Tayfun Korkut? If Fredi has this feeling, and apparently he has it, then it makes sense. But the games are less. Hertha is in a situation where you have to think very carefully when the last meaningful time is to move with a new impulse again and different in the heads of the players.

Hertha made a similar critical situation in a force at a year a year ago with Pal Dardai as a trainer. Was the then team with Matheus Cunha, Jhon Cordoba, Matteo Guendouzi, Dodi Lukebakio or Sami Khedira stronger than the current?

In any case. There was more individual class in the squad. Cunha or Lukebakio may not be simple guys, but they could decide games, Cordoba as well. Hertha did not replace this guys equivalent in summer. Stevan Jovetic is a quality player, but has blessures more often. From the other new ones comes too little.

At Hertha, Arne Friedrich has thrown forward in this weekday director. How much does she surprise that?

Not so much. I know Arne as a teammate. He has always been consistent. When it became known four weeks ago that he goes after the season, you could already suspect that he was not completely satisfied in the constellation with Fredi. This is certainly not the best signal, but if it is no longer, you have to leave it. Everything else does not help anyone, even the club not.

As a native Berlin, Hertha is a bit deeper in my heart.

Thorben Marx

Hertha got 374 million euros from Investor Lars Windhorst and puts the third year in a row in the relegation battle. What was the cardinal error?

That you have spent a lot of money for wrong players. They did not work, and the team structure has broken. Lucas Tousart is an example of this: he is a solid player, but he does not make the difference. He was never worth 25 million euros. And Hertha has done at least three players from the category.

Which of the two clubs carry them deeper in the heart?

In Mönchengladbach I had great years, of course I hang on the Borussia. But as a born Berliner and someone who was big at Hertha and made the leap into the Bundesliga, Hertha is a bit deeper in my heart.

Who wins on Saturday?

It would have been necessary Hertha. I say still to Gladbach – because of the larger quality.

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