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In Elden Ring, the detection of a strong ashes of the spirit may be crucial during battles with large bosses. While players will face some of them, the legendary ashes of the Spirit is highlighted by their attackers and absorbing damage abilities. The Redogry Knight of the OGA is the legendary spirit of the Spirit, and players can find it after the victory over the General Radan.

How to get Mimic Tear Ashes the Best Summon in Elden Ring! UPDATED!
That The Redogry Knight Og The ashes of the Spirit can be obtained by defeating Spirit of rotten tree Boss in Catacombs of those killed in the war . This location is available after players will kill General Radan next to dunes in Calid . After the victory over the boss, the players will have to go far to the north of the starfish in the Radan to find the catacombs of those killed in the war.

How to open the door to War-Dead Catacombs?

Players will face a number of spiritual enemies fighting with each other in the catacombs, and they will continue to revive. You can eliminate them or pass by them to get to the lever at the top level of the catacomb. Use the lever to open a large door locked by the device. Inside, the players will meet with the rotten spirit of the tree, which resets the ashes of the Redogrian Knight of the Og Spirit.

Redmane Knight Ogha Spirit requires 106 FP call. Players who prefer to have an archer next to them can use this ashes of the Spirit. The spirit begins to shoot ordinary and gravitational arrows at a distance after the detection of enemies. The knight also has a long sword, which he uses when the enemies are fit too close.

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